Vidar ANPR/ALPR Camera for High-Speed Traffic

Get rid of lengthy ANPR camera setup once and for all


Imagine an ANPR camera that takes the burden of manual setup off your shoulder. It adjusts itself and gets ready for your traffic enforcement project right away, on its own. How does it do that? Vidar is so smart that it automatically analyzes its environment, measures distance, recommends tilt angle, checks light conditions, and selects the best settings to capture vehicles and recognize license plates. It was built to ease your life and eliminate common ANPR problems like lengthy setup, missed events, inaccurate recognition, and more.

Self-setup, self-diagnostics, automatic vehicle capture, built-in license plate reading, make and model recognition are just a few of Vidar’s stunning capabilities.  Built-in laser for vehicle detection, a dual optic system for multi-purpose imaging are all at your service. There is more: license plate recognition, make, model, and color identification, and even speed measurement. Vidar makes it all possible in the most innovative way we have ever designed.


Vehicle Detection

Built-in laser trigger

Each and every vehicle gets captured by the most reliable triggering system: laser.



It is able to measure distance and tilt angle then auto-tunes the settings to achieve the best imaging for ANPR.


Dual-sensor optics

Thanks to the secondary camera, you get an excellent overview image of the given road section.


Weather-proof design

From a warm desert even to the ice-cold north, it’s a unit with steady endurance against temperature and humidity.



Vidar is smart enough to send signals over the network if there is a malfunction.


Even 2-lane coverage

When using the full HD model, you can cover up to two lanes with a single camera.



Thanks to the IK10-grade design, the camera is protected against external impact.

Powered by Carmen®

In selected models, license plate recognition is performed on-board thanks to the industry-praised Carmen® engine.

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The painkiller for all your ANPR headaches

Being in the traffic industry and focusing on license plate recognition for 30 years, we know it is not easy. Such devices should ease your life, not overcomplicate it. With Vidar, we achieved super-easy usage, thanks to brand new intelligent features, such as:


Smart positioning

The built-in laser and gyroscope automatically help you position the camera to achieve the best possible results. The gyroscope detects how much the camera is tilted while the laser sets the focus. When the camera says OK: you’re done.


Automatic image settings

Automatic brightness settings, day/night modes – these are also the camera’s job, and you will have no extra work with such adjustments. The device is smart enough to apply the most suitable settings for the given light conditions.


On-board triggering

You won’t need to bother with triggering. This ANPR camera has it integrated, thanks to the high-end laser module. Each vehicle is captured at the same spot on the road, so license plate recognition becomes an easy job.

Once a traffic flow, now valuable data

Vidar is an all-in-one imaging and measurement device, designed to automatically analyze the traffic flow. It will supply valuable data to your system:


License plate recognition

Some models come with built-on ANPR powered by the industry-leader Carmen engine, so there’s no need for using additional software to get license plate data.


Make, model and color identification

In addition to ANPR, the vehicle's brand, type, and color can also be detected, thanks to the AI-powered algorithm.


Direction detection

Vidar is smart enough to detect vehicles moving in the wrong way detection, immediately sending alerts to avoid accidents.


Speed measurement

When selecting a model with the radar module extension, the data package will be extended with accurate speed information.


Carmen® ADR Recognition

Detect trucks carrying dangerous goods on the move with Vidar models equipped with an ANPR engine to read ADR hazardous material signs.

Robotic assembly for unquestionable perfection

Vidar is our first ANPR camera designed entirely for robotic manufacturing. With the fine-tuned and pre-programmed assembly, we can achieve a failure rate that converges to zero and flexible lead times, making Vidar the perfect choice for short-deadline projects. All Vidar cameras are NDAA compliant.

Vidar is powered by Carmen®

Vidar models with integrated processing run Carmen®, our renowned license plate recognition engine that has been fine-tuned for almost 30 years and used worldwide in mission-critical projects. This ANPR software is our flagship product, offering more than 36,000 plate types coverage, with exceptional recognition speed and accuracy.

Dual optics, dual color sensors

Vidar has a dual-camera system with a primary imaging system for license plate recognition, plus a secondary camera that you decide what to use for. It can be perfect for having an overview image of the given road section. Alternatively, it can be used as a substantial ANPR camera, capturing the traffic with different settings, so even in the most challenging light conditions (like at sunset), you can guarantee the detection and accuracy rate. This way, the number of missed events will converge to zero.


Tolling systems


Journey time measurement


Congestion charging


Access control


Airport and harbor logistics


Traffic security monitoring


Bus lane and red light enforcement


Border control


Parking systems

Vidar Vidar Smart Vidar Speed R
Optimized for ANPR-imaging
yes yes yes
Built-in trigger
optional optional optional
On-board ANPR
no yes yes
On-board MMR
no optional optional
Speed measurement
no no yes
Optimized for ANPR-imaging
Built-in trigger
On-board ANPR
On-board MMR
Speed measurement
Optimized for ANPR-imaging
Built-in trigger
On-board ANPR
On-board MMR
Speed measurement
Optimized for ANPR-imaging
Built-in trigger
On-board ANPR
On-board MMR
Speed measurement


Product main feature 1 4th generation modular ANPR camera
Product main feature 2 Onboard ANPR, MMR and laser-sharp detection
On-board ANPR >99% ANPR accuracy, MMR
Trigger Both image-based & laser based
Type of installation Fixed
Optical zoom 17x, 3.3×
Number of available models 5
Ideal ANPR range 10 m ‒ 20 m (33 feet ‒ 65 feet), 4 m – 20 m (13 feet – 65 feet)
Maximum ANPR range up to 50 m (164 feet)
Maximum ANPR range at 0 LUX 20 m (65 feet)
ADR recognition Yes, European ADR signs
Onboard detectors Image based approximate vehicle speed, Image preselection (vehicle detection), Vehicle direction
ANPR Cloud compliant Yes
GDS & EVTS compliant Yes
Speed measurement Optional: Radar Based
Certified vehicle speed data Yes - in selected models
Built-in Laser Trigger Yes - in some of the models
Number of image sensors One, Two
Resolution of sensor(s) 2048 x 1536 + 1920 x 1080, 1440 × 1080
Frame rate(s) 30 fps
Illumination wavelength IR 760 nm, IR 850nm, Visible white
Image capturing functions Auto brightness, Configurable auto-switching between day and night mode, Motorized iris, Motorized zoom & focus, Programmable presets
Output data format H.264, One event / detected vehicle, JPEG, MJPEG stream
Processing unit ARM Quad-core 1.4 GHz
Communication Ethernet
Power requirement 24-28V AC
Power consumption Typical: 11-18W
Operating temperature -40°C - +55°C (-40°F - +131°F)
Ingress protection IP 67
Impact protection IK 10
Regulatory CE (EMC), EU WEEE, REACH & RoHS Directive, NDAA Compliant
What is in the box? Camera, Mounting bracket, Quick Install Guide
Optional accessories 12-pin I/O cable, Binder M12 Power Cable, Phoenix Ethernet Cable, IR-LIGHT, RAD-AR Trigger, Junction box
Dimensions 250 mm x 251 mm x 145 mm (9.84” × 9.88” × 5.7”)
Weight 4.5 kg (9.92 lbs)
Warranty 3 years
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