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Forget unauthorized transactions, personal data privacy issues and outdated customer experience.


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Shocking statistics: the total annual value of fraudulent transactions is around €1.8 Billion, according to the latest European Central Bank (ECB) report. Without proper ID authentication systems, criminals start various banking activities with fake IDs or forged documents. Fortunately, smart technology is now available to automatically filter these out – also with some extra benefits for increasing customer experience.

Typical problems in banking & finance institutes:

  • Unauthorized transactions with fake IDs
  • No / low level of ID checks
  • Employees are not experts of IDs
  • Privacy risk: personal data on photocopies
  • Low focus on customers due to lengthy typing
  • Slow manual data input
  • Incorrect data due to mistyping
  • Foreign characters are impossible to type
  • Outdated customer experience

Our ideas


Anti-Money Laundering

Filtering out fake ID documents is today a must-have in any AML policy – with professional equipment, it is done automatically within seconds.


No Data Errors in the System

Despite manual typing, ID scanners perform flawless data capture with an accuracy that no typewriter has.


Automatic ID Authentication

Professional ID scanners use sophisticated analysis to decide if a document is forged or genuine.


Real Customer Focus

Spend quality time with your customers instead of trying to register their data to the system.


Compliance With GDPR

All data remains in a closed and secure system that protects personal data. It is GDPR-ready.


Foreign Characters Support

The software recognizes a wide range of alphabets, even those you cannot find on your keyboard.


Scanning in Seconds

No more typing: the scanner performs data input within seconds compared to the lengthy manual input.

See how banks of Romania reinvent customer experience with ID scanners

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