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Enhance customer experience and transform your front office to become quicker, safer and more convenient.


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Today, in the age of online transactions, personal customer experience gets even more important. It should be pleasant as well as secure and quick. Using smart technology, these all can be remarkably enhanced. Transform your front office/retail operation with professional ID scanning solutions: automatically manage personal data, increase your efficiency and have happy customers.

Typical problems in front office operations:

  • Slow manual data input
  • Criminals can use fake IDs
  • Privacy risk: personal data on photocopies
  • Low focus on customers due to manual work
  • Incorrect data due to mistyping
  • Foreign characters are impossible to type
  • Employees are not experts of IDs
  • Outdated customer experience

How we contribute


Scanning in Seconds

No more typing, the scanner performs data input within seconds compared to the lengthy manual input.


Filter out Fake IDs

A receptionist does not have to be an ID expert. Instead, a purpose-built machine checks the ID authenticity.


Real Customer Focus

Spend quality time with your customers instead of trying to register their data to the system.


Flawless OCR

The industry-leader character recognition performs flawless ID reading and avoids errors of manual typing.


Compliance With GDPR

All data remains in a closed and secure system that protects personal data. It is GDPR-ready.


Foreign Characters:
No Problem

The software recognizes a wide range of alphabets, even those you cannot find on your keyboard.

Products for front office management

Forget manual typing and get rid of IDs on photocopies once and for all. Eliminate typing errors and switch to automatic data entry that is done in 2 seconds. Filter our fake IDs automatically, even if your receptionist is not an ID expert.

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