GDS & ITS Software for Robust Event Data Collection, Analytics and GUI

Effortlessly manage mass traffic data


GDS brings a new era to manage big traffic data – that is undoubtedly the soul of any traffic monitoring system. This database is specifically designed to store traffic-related information, in a high-speed, scalable and easy to manage format.
In fact, it is not just a database: it is a complete traffic data middleware solution with a built-in and ergonomic GUI, that is praised by its users, let them be a police organization, toll collection agency or any such traffic authority.
GDS deals with the most complex traffic management challenge in an effortless manner: simultaneously managing data collection from numerous endpoints and serving queries of various business units. All these with maximum reliability – serving your traffic system.

Highlighted features


Unlimited storage

GDS offers flexible and on-the-fly extension of storage without interrupting the system workflow.


Encrypted data

All data is stored and transmitted in an encrypted form and automatically deleted periodically.


Rapid search

This database structure is designed for the shortest possible query time regardless of the heavy data load.


Reports and statistics

GDS provides extra business intelligence by offering a systematic view and statistical reports of stored data.



The system offers a number of virtual and physical data redundancy possibilities to enhance data protection.


Load balancing

GDS allocates workload in a smart way, distributing all processing tasks dynamically between clients.


Health monitoring

In the back office it is always clear how the endpoints perform – thanks to the live health monitoring function.


Centralized action list

The system is capable of automatically alerting the users when a wanted vehicle is registered at any of the endpoints.

traffic data system

Not all systems can cope with big traffic data

And when mentioning big traffic data, we mean it. Millions of new events every day, constantly growing – at such workload, a regular database can become slow and complicated.
GDS, on the contrary, works in a totally different way. It is designed exactly for storing great masses of traffic data. Unlike other databases, it has a special non-relational structure that allows maximum search speed amongst millions of events.

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scalable traffic database

GDS reinvents scalability

From low-frequency access control systems to nationwide traffic networks – it works.

One of GDS’s game-changer features is how it assures scalability: it is a special database designed for traffic data but it does not set a minimum nor a maximum for the number of events. How large a system you wish building depends only on the level of storage you attach to it – that is how GDS flexibly works both in small parking applications and high-scale tolling systems as well.

Learn how GDS acts as a data server middleware at the Stena Line shipping ports

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One traffic event means various data


License plate information




GPS coordinates


Date and time


Event photos


… and more


Product main feature 1 Powerful data server software & middleware
Product main feature 2 Unlimited storage, API for integration, map-based GUI
Type of product Server-side software & middleware
Works with Adaptive Recognition MicroCAM (M402), Adaptive Recognition VIDAR, Adaptive Recognition S1
GDS GUI Runs in web-browser (no installation required on client computers), Multi-platform compatibility, Multiple users can operate it simultaneously (on separate client computers)
Network load management By default: only meta data (~100 bytes) is transmitted, On request: full data package (with media) is transmitted
Data management Advanced filtering functions, Configurable data accessing rights with customizable GUI, Export functions
Data encryption RSA protected data, SSL communication with VPN
Health monitoring Map-based GUI, Real-time self-verification and periphery check
Licensing Based on number of devices
Supported Operating Systems Linux (64bit), Windows (64bit)
Load balance High-availability clustered storage, geo-redundancy
Integration API in SDK
Programming languages on Windows Visual Basic, .NET, Java
Programming languages on Linux C/C++, C#, Java
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