S1 Portable Speed- and Traffic Enforcement Camera with ANPR/ALPR

Catch traffic violators before they know it. This all-in-one unit measures speed from 1 km away.


Imagine a portable traffic monitoring camera that measures speed and recognizes license plates – all these performed night & day in any weather conditions, from a distance that cannot be beaten. S1 is an ANPR camera that identifies speeders even from 1 kilometer – thanks to the unique high-precision laser technology. There is more: this portable speed camera can automatically find stolen vehicles and vehicles with unpaid insurance – thanks to the onboard alert list feature.

This traffic monitoring camera is not just multi-functional but redefines portability, too: it takes less than two minutes to get the device ready for operation – powering up the camera and setting it up with the tripod. The system is secure, encrypted, and cannot be compromised. From the moment the device captures a video or image-based evidence of the violation, the result files are encrypted and cannot be altered – and instantly transmitted to a central server through an encrypted channel.

Highlighted features


License plate recognition

Powered by Carmen®, the world-leader ANPR software, unquestionable accuracy is guaranteed.


Integrated alert list

Why bother with manual ANPR check if the device can store a list and automatically notify when a plate is detected?


Laser-based speed measurement

The high-precision laser unit helps measuring speed even before speeders realize it.


Portability at its best

It is not just easy to setup this ANPR camera but takes a really short time: less than 2 minutes (!).


No-staff operation

Traffic monitoring does not need constant supervision, the camera does it on its own.


All-weather usage

Its IP54-compliant design and enhanced night vision mode cannot be challenged by any weather or light condition.


Integrated 4G and optional Wi-Fi

Evidence data is automatically transferred in an encrypted format via the network.

Function and design go hand-in-hand

When stating extreme portability – we mean it. The unit is ready for operation within less than 2 minutes after opening its carrying case. It is all-in-one, there is no need for connecting any add-ons. The built-in ANPR engine, IR-illumination, laser tracker, GPS, Wi-Fi, and 4G modem are all in there – protected under the durable IP54-compliant, fiberglass-reinforced plastic shell.


Here’s why the bad guys hate – and police loves this speed camera:


It works anywhere

Thanks to its highly portable design, the unit can be set up even on a small street but on a highway too - at any place where measurement is not expected at all.


Speeders detected before they know it

The whopping 600m speed detection range and the encrypted evidence storage leaves no way for speeders to trick the system.


All-in-one traffic monitoring

Speed measurement is aided with license plate recognition for identifying vehicles, with extras like GPS, 4G for live data transfer from the site to the center in real time.



It’s a real honour to represent such a product that helps society by making our road traffic safer. Speed measurement often comes with mixed feelings, but we have to realize that it is for our mutual benefit. At Adaptive Recognition, we rather consider the bigger picture.

Csaba Nagy Amigo, Head of ITS Business Unit


Product main feature 1 Portable ANPR & speed detection camera
Product main feature 2 Weatherproof, autonomous operation
On-board ANPR >99% ANPR accuracy
Speed measurement Laser-based
Type of installation Portable
Optical zoom 30x
Number of available models 1
Product code(s) Adaptive Recognition CAMS1-01-3573
Onboard detectors Solid line crossing, Wrong-way driving, Driving in a bus lane or emergency lane, Traffic jam
Number of image sensors Two
Resolution of sensor(s) 1280 x 720 + 2048 x 1536
Frame rate(s) 25 fps, 30 fps
Image capturing functions Auto brightness, Motorized iris, Motorized zoom & focus, Programmable presets
Output data format One event / detected vehicle
Ideal ANPR range 20 m – 150 m (65 feet – 500 feet)
Trigger Video-based vehicle detection, Laser-based
Processing unit Intel Atom® Quad Core 4x 1.9 GHz
Speed measurement accuracy Up to 100 km/h: +/- 3 km/h, beyond 100 km/h: +/- 3%
Distance range for speed detection 25 - 1200m (80-4000ft), up to 300 km/h (190 mph)
Position determination GPS
Communication Gigabit Ehternet, Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE
Power requirement 12-17V DC
Power consumption Max. without heating: 60W, Typical: 25W
Operating temperature -20°C - +50°C (-4°F - +122°F)
Ingress protection IP 54
Regulatory CE (EMC), EU WEEE, REACH & RoHS Directive
What is in the box? Camera, Carrying case, Cigarette lighter adapter, Dedicated mounting screw, Ethernet cable, External push-pull battery cable, GPS with push-pull USB connector
Optional accessories Tripod with carrying case, Sturdy carrying case, Extra battery, Cigarette lighter adapter cable, Battery charger, Mount for passenger seat, Stylus for touchscreen
Dimensions 361mm x 371mm x 224mm (14.2” x 14.6” x 8.8”)
Weight 10.2kg (22.44 lbs)
Warranty 3 years
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