Roads of Thailand Got Safer With MicroCAM

Thai police recently acquired Adaptive Recognition’s mobile ANPR cameras mountable on the top of police cars that will make roads and lives safer in Thailand.

About the Client

Royal Thai Police

The Royal Thai Police (RTP) is the national police force of Thailand. The RTP employs between 210,700 and 230,000 officers, roughly 17 percent of all civil servants (excluding the military and the employees of state-owned enterprises).

Quick Project Facts

  • Product: MicroCAM mobile LPR camera
  • Quantity: 260 pcs.
  • Year of installation: 2018
  • Application area: traffic security, identifying wanted vehicles even at remote locations
  • Adaptive Recognition partner: Ten Forward
  • End user: Thailand Phuket Provincial Police

Thai police recently acquired new ANPR cameras that will make roads and lives safer in Thailand: a set of mobile units developed and manufactured by Adaptive Recognition are now installed on the top of police cars. The cameras were introduced by Ten Forward, a system integration company specializing in surveillance systems in Thailand since 2004.

Ten Forward, Integrator partner

In 2018, we have successfully integrated the Adaptive Recognition’s MicroCAM cameras in the so-called Smart Police Vehicle project with a performance rate of 98%. Adaptive Recognition’s MicroCAM camera has been installed on top of 260 police car for Thai Police to patrol in every city of Thailand to detect suspects. It is with great pleasure that we recommend the Adaptive Recognition Technology which is a high level of value to our end user customers.

The Problem

Though fixed checkpoints offer a reliable solution for identifying wanted vehicles, offenders can easily create their own map to avoid these locations. The police forces needed to find a solution that is able to identify violators even at such locations where the expensive gantries are not installed yet. Police was about to implement a spontaneous, almost undercover technique to catch violators anytime, anywhere.

The problem with real-time traffic identification is that it requires special technology that works independently of high speed and extreme light conditions (full darkness or glare, beams of vehicles coming upfront).

The Solution

Adaptive Recognition’s MicroCAM ANPR/ALPR on-the-move cameras have been selected due to their mobile operation. MicroCAM has onboard processing, does not need network connection and can be powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet). Unlike cameras installed on gantries, this model offers a complete mobile solution – that does not depend on internet connection or PC connection, reducing the external factors.

Technical Challenges

  • Lack of Physical Triggers

During the on-the-go operation, only software-based image selection can be considered, and fast and accurate processing is a must for real-time alerts. It has to be a small camera that is robust yet lightweight, and specifically designed for mobile OCR. MicroCAM offers these all: with a software-based triggering method called VehDet (Vehicle Detection), it makes sure that only those images are analysed that show a vehicle – resulting in no missed events.

  • Continuously Changing Light Conditions

The camera has to be prepared for the most versatile light conditions, such as reflections from other cars, day or night.

  • Versatile Weather

No matter if the weather is sunny, rainy or even ice-cold, the camera should be a robust and weather-proof device that never breaks down.

Watch the camera in action: check out this video.

The Product: MicroCAM Mobile ANPR Camera

MicroCAM performs on-the-move license plate recognition – in the same quality as a fixed high-end ANPR camera. MicroCAM doesn’t want you to make a compromise: it offers the best of both worlds. The on-board image-based Vehicle Detection algorithm creates an event for each passing vehicle. Up to now, it was almost impossible by an ANPR camera to catch plates while driving.

MicroCAM’s compact design was created with portability in mind. The camera can be easily mounted on a rooftop of a patrol car or placed behind the front or rear window. Using a single POE+ connector, it makes the installation quick and straightforward. Pick the wide-angle lens or the long-range lens – according to your preferred use. MicroCAM runs the world’s No.1 plate recognition engine: Carmen® ANPR.

Three MicroCAM cameras on top of a police vehicle patroling on a night street

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