Vidar Container Camera
for Container Code Reading

Laser trigger-assisted recognition of ISO, MOCO, and ILU codes


The Vidar Container Camera is specially developed for container code reading. It supports the tracking of intermodal shipping containers through fast data processing. The camera takes ideal images for reading ISO, MOCO, and ILU codes, regardless of container size and surface. The built-in software processes the codes and transforms them into ready-to-use event packages.

The cameras are protected by IK10 & IP67 shock- and weatherproof housing. With a minimum amount of moving parts, they are vandal-proof and work in all light and weather conditions.

Highlighted Features


Output Containing Entire Object

The line scan image output contains the entire object regardless of length.


Suitable for Extra Close-Up Installation

Up to 2.5-3 m (8.2 ft - 9.8 ft).


Recognition Software On Board

Making it perfect for a standalone, camera-only system.


Support of EU and Global Container Codes

ISO, MOCO, and ILU codes processed and transformed into data packages.

Dualoptics 2

Dual Lens Design

One for an overview and the other for close-up images of containers.

Optimal Images for Code Recognition

Accurate container code recognition can be challenged by several factors. The Vidar Container Camera tackles all of them with ease.


Varying Container Surfaces

The camera takes optimal images of container codes regardless of the container surface which may be flat or knurled.


Characters and/or Containers of Red Color

Well-contrasted images of red characters or backgrounds are enabled by red and white LED illumination.


Changing Light Conditions

The 760nm built-in LED illumination ensures that light and weather conditions throughout the day do not interfere with image quality.


Product main feature 1 Onboard ISO, MOCO, ILU code recognition
Product main feature 2 Non-intrusive laser-based triggering
Resolution Sensor 1 & 2: 1440x1080
Max FPS Sensor 1 & 2: 120 FPS (on selected sensor and resolution)
Sensor Sensor 1: color + Allpass filter, global shutter, Sensor 2: black & white + IR Bypass filter, global shutter
Day/night switch Automatic brightness control with predefined traffic environments or manual
Lens Motorized zoom and focus, remotely adjustable
Lens mount Custom mount
Angle of View Optics 1 & 2: 79° x 63°
Optical zoom Optics 1 & 2: 3x
Focal length Optics 1 & 2: Variable 3–9 mm
AICR range 1.5 - 8 m (4.92 - 26.25 ft)
Vehicle speed range (at optimal conditions) 0 km/h - 300+ km/h / 0 mph - 190+ mph
Carmen® AICR onboard ACCR (ISO 6346, MOCO, ILU), UIC, USDOT
GDS compliance Yes
Wavelength White LED + 850 nm infrared
Illumination modes Synchronized or continuous
Illumination beam-angle 22°
Variable intensity Adjustable in 100 increments, parity flash (different intensity for odd and even frames)
I/O port 12-pin (External Illuminator, UART, GPIO, USB, RS232)
Built-in Laser Trigger 8 mRad point laser
Laser wavelength & safety class 905 nm CLASS 1 (60825-1 2014)
Power requirement 24-28 V AC, 2A
Typical power consumption 18 W
Internal operating temperature -45°C – +70°C (-49°F – +158°F)
IP&IK rating IP67, IK10
Dimensions 250 mm x 251 mm x 145 mm (9.84” × 9.88” × 5.7”)
Weight 4.5 kg (9.92 lbs)
In the box Camera, bracket, shield
Accessories M12 power cable, Ethernet cable, Junction Box, External IR-light, External GPS, I/O cable
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