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March 25, 2020

ANPR software Free Download

Get our ANPR software SDK for free – an unlimited software package designed for developers working on license plate recognition applications.

Adaptive Recognition is committed to driving innovation. We help developers in many ways: we support teams working on various vehicle access control or traffic monitoring applications.

That is why we decided to provide our technology in a free ANPR / open source ANPR version. As a programmer, you will be able to integrate the code into your application and enjoy all the benefits of automatic number plate recognition.

This free ANPR software has been designed for demonstrational and educational purposes – and it can be the first important milestone in your journey of ANPR.

However, there’s way more to discover: take a look also at our high-end, commercial software that offers uncompromised speed and accuracy performance, support services and continuous software updates.

Discover our professional ANPR software: from on-premise to cloud technology

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Download the software now ↓

Test our free ANPR

Learn how to create applications using optical character recognition (OCR) by using our free ANPR pack – including the ANPR source code! Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Download the pack
  2. Run the sample application
  3. Test it with your own images

Our free ANPR source code is for applications using Latin characters (letters of the English alphabet and numbers). Several security systems are currently using the provided code, in many countries. We decided to disclose the source code as an entry level solution – mainly for learning purposes.

Free ANPR Software Download

Contents of our free ANPR software

By downloading our ANPR software package, you will get the following components:

  • ANPR Source code
  • Readme, written for developers
  • ANPR imaging guide
  • Sample program source code
  • Sample program exe file
  • Sample images and video for ANPR purposes

Get access to the software:

Portal2020 - free ANPR software download

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