Carmen® ANPR Stream

Instant ANPR data from your traffic video stream (without integration)


With Carmen® ANPR Stream (formerly Carmen® GO), your business will benefit from all the features an ANPR software can bring today – only without the time consuming integration job. It works plug & play and does not require any programming – instead, it recognizes the license plates immediately, like a complete end user application: instantly running on your pc, for your business.

There’s more. Carmen® ANPR Stream adapts to your environment: you can use your own camera system because the software is vendor-independent. There is no need for external triggering either, since this software automatically preselects those images that include vehicles. All these thanks to its high-class AI technology.

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Most of the ANPR software come in a form of SDK
and require integration.

But Carmen® ANPR Stream is different.


Save development resources

No need for programming or complex integration. The system is plug & play and ready to use.


Save time

As there is no need for development, remarkable time can be saved, your project can be started sooner and deadlines can be scheduled better.


Save money

CARMEN® ANPR Stream works with any existing digital camera system, there is no need for upgrading it or acquiring new technology.

Highlighted features


Plug'n'play ANPR

Skip integration and get ANPR data within a few minutes after clicking on the install button.


User-friendly interface

Ease of usage was a key aim when we designed this software, the user needs no special expertise.



It works with any camera model by any brand – even on your existing CCTV system.


38,000+ license plate coverage

… and constantly growing. No matter where your traffic system is installed, the software will recognize the plates.


Automatic vehicle detection

Don’t bother with triggering – the software uses AI to recognize all approaching vehicles on its own.


Accepts video format

Many ANPR software requires image input, but Carmen® ANPR Stream will process video streams as well.

You do not need to be an ANPR expert to use this software

Carmen® ANPR Stream comes with an easy-to-use GUI and a lot of smart functions designed to make your life easier and your business to thrive. It is only a click to browse through events, select streams, load an ANPR engine or access the output settings. You can get a live feed of the road or the access control area to see what is happening – even from your tablet or smartphone, too.


Carmen® GO is easy to use and offers a cost-efficient alternative to conventional LPR solutions. If you don’t do programming, the setup takes only 2 minutes and it immediately produces LPR results – but it can be used as an integrated module, too: using its API we managed seamless integration with 3rd party systems such as drive-off prevention solutions.

These systems have the highest recognition rates we have seen so far, opening countless business opportunities across various industries.

Adrian Kereszteny, Image Analytics Pacific


Frequently asked questions

Yes, Carmen® offers country-independent recognition of not only Latin characters, but also Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean, Thai and many more, as well as reflective, non-reflective, personalized and special interest plates that are typical in many US states.

Technically and legally (as there is no such thing as camera license) yes, you can connect any IP camera with any license. We recommend using IP cameras made especially for LPR purposes, for example our own camera portfolio.

Carmen® is a world leader in recognition rate, but the rate may depend on many factors, such as image quality, general condition of the license plates, engine type, etc.
For example, in Hungary, our ANPR engine with our cameras used on most of the highways reached a remarkably high, unique percentage of recognition rate which is higher than 98.5 %.

This can vary by license types depending on 1) how many CPU cores your application uses (single, dual or quad core) and also 2) how many video streams you would like to process parallel (1, 2, 4 or 8 streams).

Carmen® ANPR Stream is sold with a perpetual license, which means it never expires. It also comes with a limited lifetime software update*, which entitles the purchaser to download software updates throughout the product’s lifetime.
*LPR engine libraries are excluded, as they are available on a yearly-subscription basis. Please review our End User License Agreement (link) for more information on the update policy.

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Product main feature 1 >99% ANPR accuracy on a global scale
Product main feature 2 Plate reading from any live camera feed
License location On-Premise
Input type Video
Form of software Application
Make & model recognition Yes, optional
Supported Operating Systems Windows 10+ (64 bit)
Licensing Single, Dual, Quad, Octa
Available neural network controllers Mini PCIe card, PCIe card, USB (internal 4-pin), USB 2.0 - type A
Input stream protocols HTTP, HTTPS, RTSP
Live stream / video file ASF (MPEG4), AVI (H.264), MJPEG, MKV (H.264), MP4 (H.264)
Output Country/State/Province ID, ID of recognized images, License plate in ASCII or UNICODE format, Time stamp, UIC codes in ASCII
Output data format CSV file, FTP upload, JSON file, REST API
Trigger Video-based vehicle detection
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