These Singaporean Banks Redefine the Usage of ATMs

The capabilities of ATMs are not anymore what you have been used to – it is much more now.

About the Clients

DBS Bank and OCBC Bank

DBS Bank is a Singaporean multinational banking and financial corporation headquartered in Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3. The company was known as The Development Bank of Singapore Limited, before the present name was adopted in 2003 to reflect its changing role as a regional bank.

OCBC stands for Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, Limited: also a multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Singapore. OCBC Bank was born out of the Great Depression through the consolidation of three banks in the first half of the 20th century.

ATMs have been part of our environment for such a long time that most of us cannot remember what is abbreviated by these three letters. It is the Automated Teller Machine, where we can take out cash from our bank accounts, without having an appointment in the bank office. We have been using good old ATMs and never expected how much more they could be capable of – if backed up with some innovation.

Quick Project Facts

  • Location: Singapore
  • Products: Combo Smart Kiosk passport reader
  • Key functionality: self-service customer verification
  • Year of installation: 2017-2020


To understand the future of ATMs, let’s define VTM first: it stands for Video Teller Machine – an ATM itself, but a smart one with live video connection, capable of extended functionality.

ID scanners in DBS ATM

DBS newsroom

VTMs provide round-the-clock branch banking services to customers, with the option of virtual teller assistance via live-video streaming. In addition to providing services such as balance enquiries, change of particulars and statement requests, the DBS/POSB VTMs are able to dispense internet banking security tokens and allow for customers to apply for debit cards and obtain them instantly.

In addition to the regular ATM functionality, you have all the mentioned extra services, and the only thing needed for getting access is:

  • having a video chat
  • identifying yourself at the machine

Self-Service Identification: ✓

We come in the picture at the identification phase, as our passport reader devices are integrated in the kiosk. These models are designed especially for built-in usage, offering a super-quick reading and authentication of local IDs and international passports. One of the advantages of such technology is the self-service usage: these scanners perfectly fit in the ATM / VTM procedure as anyone can use them and verify his / her identity within seconds, even without special expertise.

This innovation lets the customers use services:

  • without scheduling an appointment
  • without waiting in the bank office
  • even when the bank is closed.

Though it is a great benefit for customers, the bank had multiple motivations when implementing this function: including costs, too. In fact, the labor cost and the rent of office spaces are too expensive – and constantly increasing. This is also why the bank wanted to find ways to service their customers better without physically being on the bank premises during office hours. It turned out to be definitely a win-win: an easy service both for the bank and the customers.

More to Come

This technology was first introduced by DBS Bank in Singapore, back in 2017, thanks to the powerful cooperation between Adaptive Recognition Singapore, GRG Banking, and DBS Bank (including POSB Bank).

Since then, the innovation has affected others: a new roll-out is planned for 2020 by OCBC Bank, for example. In that project, we are proud to share with you, that the same Combo Smart Kiosk passport readers are used. Expect updates shortly, till then, learn more about the project from this video: