Combo Smart Kiosk

Built-in Passport and ID Scanner for Kiosks

Highlighted Features


Easy Hardware Integration

A simple "brick" shape with rotatable frame that fits into any KIOSK.


Easy Software Installation

SDK with API documentation and sample code included.


Long-Term Support

Well-proven on the field with a lot of installations worldwide.


Automatic Scanning

Automatic document detection and scanning. Fast data reading and fake detection.
End user friendly operation.


Supports Changing Light Conditions

Thanks to built-in adaptive light control.


Built to Last

No moving parts, no consumables, 3 years warranty.

Easy integration is made possible by the scanner’s extremely compact size, brick design, and mounting points.

An ideal choice for ABC (Automated Border Control) gates, self-service kiosks, and other CUSS projects such as user verification at an ATM kiosk.

The full-page passport reading surface and coverless design make it intuitive and ergonomic for travelers.

The reader captures identity document data and offers full spectrum authentication.

Product documentation including install guides, manuals, technical documentation and more

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