Copenhagen, Denmark

This Hotel Knows What Smart Parking Is

What makes a parking system smart? This well-known hotel in Copenhagen is well aware of it – and we show the details in this case study.

About the Client

Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center

Tivoli Hotel is a 4-star superior accommodation choice in Copenhagen, Denmark, with 679 rooms and conference / event facilities, located by the Copenhagen Canal, only 10 minutes' walk from the Central Station. It won the ‘Best Hotel in Copenhagen’ award by Danish Travel Awards in 2019.

Hotels have one true wish: to give their guests maximum convenience – and it starts at the parking! This well-known hotel and congress center in Copenhagen realized this field of improvement and introduced a truly smart parking system.

Guests in this hotel get a modern and convenient parking experience: they do not need to get out of their car when entering/exiting the building and no printed tickets are used throughout their stay. Payment is easy with the self-service kiosk – but this step can be even skipped. Let’s see how these all are implemented.

Ingredients for a Smart Parking System

The key element of the system is the ANPR function (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) – our professional OCR technology, integrated into Onepark’s SmartParkering parking system.

The process is simple: first, the purpose-made ANPR cameras automatically capture the number plates of entering and exiting vehicles – this is the info used for identifying drivers. Before leaving, the guests use the self-service kiosks placed on each floor: the only thing to do is just enter the license plate and pay by their credit card – only a few seconds and done. The time their vehicle spent in the parking lot is simply calculated from the arrival and departure times.

Frequent users can even let the payment system save their license plate and payment info for future use. By creating this profile, drivers benefit from an even simpler workflow and valuable extra time. Because nobody wants to deal with things that can be easily automated – this is the concept behind this perfect collaboration of Onepark, Tivoli Hotel and Adaptive Recognition.

Besides the super convenient parking management, such a system comes with further benefits, like the enhancement of security. Registering vehicles by their license plate gives the hotel an always up-to-date information about which vehicles are currently in the property – and not just currently, as footage can be easily searched by submitting a license plate (which may come in handy for future security purposes as well).

With number plate recognition it is also easy to create a list of forbidden plates which are not allowed to enter, or implement a parking space counting system that shows the available free slots at the entry.

A similar system works in Dubai’s largest hotels – learn about that system here.

Products for Smart Parking

This project includes the following products:

By Adaptive Recognition

By Onepark/APCOA

Smart Parkering & Autopay: