Carmen® ANPR Image

A license plate recognition software with outstanding accuracy, flexible licensing, and multithreading capacity.


Carmen® ANPR Image is an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR/ALPR) software with global coverage and high accuracy rates. It can be seamlessly integrated into any system, regardless of scale. Flexible licensing and optional add-ons such as make & model + color recognition (MMR) and hazardous material codes (ADR and IMO) recognition are available. You can use it for:

  • Tolling and congestion charging
  • Traffic monitoring and enforcement
  • Speed and journey time measurement
  • Parking systems
  • Security and access control
  • and many more

Build your system based on Carmen® and market it under your own brand name!

See what kind of projects can benefit from Carmen® for inspiration. Alternatively, skip right to the technical documentation.


Highlights for Project Owners


Worldwide Coverage 36K+ plate types covered.


Cost Saving Low operation costs and quick ROI due to high reliability.


Industry-Leading Accuracy Even on distorted images.


Region-/Country-Specific Engines Tailored to your project needs.


All camera types supported Works with your existing system.


Maximum Scalability Grows with your project.

Highlights for Integrators

SDK with sample codes and demo apps

SDK with sample codes and demo apps

Carmen ANPR Image is easy to integrate into applications running on C, C++, C#, Java, and VB.NET on Windows, and C, C++, and Java on Linux.

Integrators get a feature-rich SDK, with sample codes and two powerful demo applications: ADI (ANPR Demo for Images) and ADV (ANPR Demo for Videos).

Get the most out of your ANPR system

Get the most out of your ANPR system

Carmen ANPR Image is fully customizable through dozens of parameter settings. This capacity allows integrators to fine-tune the ANPR system to answer the project’s exact needs in a range of application areas.

Region- and country-specific engines are also available. Some cover larger geographical areas such as Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, North America, and more. Some cover smaller regions or one single country such as the Caribbean, Brazil, India, etc.

Get in touch for further details.

CPU core- or credit based options

CPU core- or credit based options

CPU core-based licensing allows unlimited on-premise recognition, whether on a PC, a server, or a built-in processing unit such as smart cameras. Multi-core (up to 8) licenses are available for multithread processing. See more on licensing below, or contact us to discuss details.

Works with projects of any size

Works with projects of any size

Single, dual, or quad-core processing is available. Read on for more details or get in touch.

Get your ANPR software and cameras from us

Get your ANPR software and cameras from us

Get everything from the same place for your ANPR project: Adaptive Recognition also develops and sells dedicated ANPR/LPR cameras for a range of applications from high-speed traffic monitoring to access control.

Nevertheless, the system works with all camera types.

Licensing Options

Single, Dual, or Quad-core

Carmen® ANPR Image is available in the following licensing configurations:

  • Carmen® Freeflow single-core (1) license
  • Carmen® Freeflow dual-core (2) license
  • Carmen® Freeflow quad-core (4) license

With the single-core license, images from the camera(s) are processed on the same core of the CPU. This option is adequate for monitoring low to medium traffic.

Multi-core licenses allow to use more cores (threads) from the same CPU at the same time. These are recommended for handling high, multi-lane traffic flow.

Engines are updated quarterly.

Carmen® K (Quad)

Carmen® K is a credit-based version of the Carmen® Freeflow quad-core (4) license.

It is ideal for places where license plate recognition is only needed during predetermined periods (for example, during the day). With Carmen® K, you can process 11,520 images per day. You also get a 300 credit buffer storage capacity, permitting the instant processing of 300 images. Once credits are used up, Carmen® K needs roughly 38 minutes to reload credits.

Licenses are granted via hardware keys provided by Adaptive Recognition. If there is no option to plug in a hardware key on the spot, you can share licenses via your network by opting for our in-built solution, Carmen® License Server.

Compare the performance of single, dual, and quad-core licenses

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Engine Update Options

Our flexible options allow you to tailor the licensing to your needs and decide what you want to pay for.

A year after the initial purchase (during which you automatically receive quarterly updates), you can choose to keep using the software as it is forever, with no additional charges.

If you wish to keep getting access to quarterly engine updates and continuous improvements, then simply renew your yearly license.

You decide.


Product main feature 1 >99% ANPR accuracy on a global scale
Product main feature 2 160+ known countries, 36,000+ plate types
Input type Image
Form of software SDK
Make & model recognition Yes, optional*
Supported Operating Systems Linux (32 bit [ARM], 64 bit), Windows 10 (64 bit), Windows 11 (64 bit, ARM support coming soon)
Supported Platforms ARM32, ARM64*, x86_64*
Licensing K, Single, Dual, Quad
License location Local NNC, Shared over the network (IPNNC)
Available neural network controllers Mini PCIe card, PCIe card, USB (internal 4-pin), USB 2.0 - type A
Input Still image from file or memory in various image formats (BMP | JPEG | PNG)
Output ANPR data, Background color (optional), Category of the plate (optional), Character color (optional), Confidence level in various formats, Country/State/Province ID, Individual result for each plate on an image, Location of each plate on one image, Number plate data in ASCII/UNICODE text, Text confidence for each character
Trigger Can be integrated with any trigger
Programming languages on Windows C/C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic .Net
Programming languages on Linux C/C++, Java
Included in the SDK Demo applications, Sample programs in source code
* In case of running MMR, CPU must support AVX
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