Access Control Systems

The technology is here for your access system: from parking houses to military zones – security and convenience in one package.


visitor management system and front office

Access control systems have one key goal: offering security to the property, either it is a vehicle access control system or personal access via the visitor management software. However, as we experienced, adding security usually brings reduced speed and convenience. This is why our innovative access control solutions treat security and convenience at the same level.

Dreaming of perfect access control systems:

  • Ticketless parking
  • No lengthy administration at the reception
  • Automatic barrier opening
  • Avoiding entry with fake IDs
  • Less workload on security staff
  • No time wasted on lengthy administration
  • Remotely managed, anywhere

The Adaptive Recognition way of access control systems:

acces-control.Entry based on license plate

Entry-based on License Plate

If a license plate recognition camera is in operation, you can manage the access based on this data – offering maximum control of entry/exit.


Automatic ID Checks

Handy scanners help receptions both entering customer data and checking the authenticity of ID documents – fully automatically.


Less Workload on Employees

Either it is an automatic ID check at the reception, or a vehicle access control system, the receptionist and security colleagues will be less overwhelmed.


ID-based Visitor Management

Archive IDs of visitors, make age verification automatically and submit guest data into your system within 2 seconds, using our ID scanners.


Paperless Access Control

Introduce license plate recognition to the vehicle entry/exit points and control the access based on this data, automatically.


Complete CCTV Surveillance

Add CCTV to have a clear view about what is happening at your entry / exit points and have archive records for future use.

Examples for access control


Corporate Buildings




Parking Facilities


Industrial Sites


Airports, Bus & Train Stations


Gated Communities


Festivals, Sport Events




Military Zones

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