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Smarter cities – new challenges. Let’s solve them with AI-powered image analytics and data management.


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As the cities get smarter, newer and newer challenges appear that we need to cope with – and find smart ways to keep urbanization in control. The safety of increased traffic, the management of our identities, the security of our environment are all key topics. It is not just about solving these but realizing that these digital projects produce mass amounts of data – and also fully rely on this information, so it has to be accurate, reliably available any time – and the more data get interconnected, the more efficient workflow smart cities can benefit from. These are on our mind when working on smart city projects.

Challenges to solve in smart cities:

  • Multiplying amounts of data
  • Urbanization raises traffic problems
  • Outdated customer experience
  • Congestions, accidents, traffic violations
  • Citizens need reliable ways of identification
  • Tons of data – but not interconnected
  • Society expects speed and efficiency

See how ANPR technology can be used for smart cities

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How we contribute


Multi-scale Database Solutions

Effortlessly managing big traffic data, we created a purpose-built database solution, designed especially for speed and scalability.


Complete ITS Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems serve as vital elements of smart cities, applied in traffic security, tolling and traffic monitoring.


Identity Verification

Enhancing safety of our society by automatically filtering out criminals using forged identity documents. Safer borders, more secure transactions.

Hazardous locations

Traffic Management

Avoiding congestions and accidents, offering live traffic information helps create a safe and smooth traffic flow.


21st-century Customer Management

With our innovative ID systems, front offices avoid lengthy manual typing, incorrect data and privacy issues to offer a new level of customer experience.


Digital Tolling

Switching from stop & go tolling to electronic tolling solutions speeds up traffic flow and offers a 21st century automatic traffic solution.

big data management in smart cities

Smart City = Big Data

Smart cities evolve quicker than we realize, creating an amount of data we have never really expected. Managing such a weight of information comes with multiple challenges, requiring database systems that offer efficient search, unlimited scalability, security and reliability.

These were in our mind when we designed Globessey Data Server, shortly GDS, our special non-relational database, developed for managing masses of data. Any data coming from a smart city, in regards to traffic and mobility, identity data, tolling, security surveillance and more.

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