Vidar PAX Cameras
for Passenger Counting & Identification

Add passenger counting to your ANPR system


Vidar PAX cameras are designed to capture high-resolution images suitable for accurate recognition and facial identification of vehicle occupants. The camera handles challenges such as high speed, tinted windscreens, darkness, high-glare sunlight, bad weather, and more.

Vidar PAX allows police and authorities to determine who is inside vehicles with accuracy and speed. This is enabled by extra-wide lenses and synchronized, built-in, and optional external high-performance LED illuminators. For a complete passenger counting system, we suggest a multiple-camera setup.

Highlighted Features


Data Security

Sensitive data is protected by strong encryption.

99 Detection

No Missed Vehicles

The built-in laser trigger detects all passing vehicles.

Dualoptics 2

Dual Optics

One grayscale for face, and one color for overview images.


No Disturbance to Drivers

The IR Pass filter only lets through infrared frequencies to which our eyes are not sensitive.

Sw Module

Dedicated Software Module

For image pairing and continuous capturing of images at city traffic speed.

Optimal Images for Passenger Counting & Indentification

Several factors influence image quality, such as windscreen type, vehicle speed, and external conditions. Vidar PAX is equipped with technologies that ensure adequate imaging in all conditions.


Tinted Windscreens

760 nm LED light ensures adequate images taken of vehicle occupants even through darkened windscreens.


High Speed

Global shutter enables "freeze-frame" capture of fast-moving objects.


Changing Light Conditions

Built-in automatic brightness control and illuminators ensure proper lighting for adequate images regardless of external conditions.


Product main feature 1 Accurate recognition and facial identification of vehicle occupants
Product main feature 2 Extra-wide lenses, built-in LED illuminators
Resolution Sensor 1 & 2: 1440x1080
Max FPS Sensor 1 & 2: 120 FPS (on selected sensor and resolution)
Sensor Sensor 1: color + Allpass filter, global shutter, Sensor 2: black & white + IR Bypass filter, global shutter
Day/night switch Automatic brightness control with predefined traffic environments or manual
Lens Motorized zoom and focus, remotely adjustable
Lens mount Custom mount
Angle of View Optics 1 & 2: 79° x 63°
Optical zoom Optics 1 & 2: 3x
Focal length Optics 1 & 2: Variable 3–9 mm
PAX + ANPR range Up to 9 m (29.53 ft)
Vehicle speed range (at optimal conditions) 0 km/h - 300+ km/h / 0 mph - 190+ mph
Maximum lane width covered (at standard license plate size) 6 m / 20 ft
Carmen® ANPR Server side
Carmen® PAX Server side
GDS compliance Yes
Wavelength 760 nm near-infrared
Illumination modes Synchronized or continuous
Illumination beam-angle 22°
Variable intensity Adjustable in 100 increments, parity flash (different intensity for odd and even frames)
I/O port 12-pin (External Illuminator, UART, GPIO, USB, RS232)
Built-in Laser Trigger 8 mRad point laser
Laser wavelength & safety class 905 nm CLASS 1 (60825-1 2014)
Power requirement 24-28 V AC, 2A
Typical power consumption 18 W
Internal operating temperature -45°C – +70°C (-49°F – +158°F)
IP&IK rating IP67, IK10
Dimensions 250 mm x 251 mm x 145 mm (9.84” × 9.88” × 5.7”)
Weight 4.5 kg (9.92 lbs)
In the box Camera, bracket, shield
Accessories M12 power cable, Ethernet cable, Junction Box, External IR-light, External GPS, I/O cable
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