Traffic Safety

Get rid of accidents once and for all. Use advanced traffic monitoring for reducing traffic violations – the main cause of accidents.


solutions for increasing traffic safety

Accidents in transportation cause 1.2 million deaths every year, and 30-50% of these are due to traffic violations, such as speeding.

Artificial intelligence can contribute in many ways to effective traffic law enforcement.

Challenges related to road safety:

  • Too many accidents
  • Drivers learn fixed measurement checkpoints
  • Limited human resource
  • Recognizing wanted vehicles
  • License plate theft

Our solutions for increased road safety


Automatic Violation Detection

Red light crossing, solid line crossing, forbidden bus lane usage and prohibited turns can be automatically identified now thanks to AI-powered software.

Up-to-255 km:h

Speed Control

Cameras with high-precision laser units detect speeders even from a long distance and automatically identify vehicles by their license plate.

Vehicle Detection

Wanted Vehicle Identification

Based on licence plate data and optional brand, type and color recognition, wanted vehicles are easily identified on any type of roads.


Identifying License Plate Thefts

Stolen license plates can be identified by license plate recognition paired with vehicle make, model, and color recognition.


Traffic Surveillance on the Move

With portable and mobile traffic monitoring cameras, identifying vehicles while on the move is no problem.


Multi-Scale Traffic Database

Store and manage the gathered traffic data for live and future processing.

hazardous material identification

Dangerous Goods Detection

Road traffic authorities know well how important it is to know what materials are being carried via their transportation network.

Adding an automatic detection of hazardous materials to a traffic system ensures that this information is always available and helps in those critical moments.

average speed measurement

Average Speed Measurement

The ultimate speed control solution is measuring the average speed of vehicles.

Different traffic monitoring checkpoints register the time and location of each vehicle, linking them to license plate data and then calculating their average speed.

It’s time to take a step toward better road safety. Are you with us?

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