Traffic Safety

Get rid of accidents once and for all. Use advanced traffic monitoring for reducing traffic violations – the main cause of accidents.


solutions for increasing traffic safety

Accidents in transportation cause 1.2 million deaths every year and 30-50% of these are due to traffic violations, such as speeding. Human resources are limited to provide surveillance at every spot, but what if we use AI to recognize irregular driving behaviour automatically?

At Adaptive Recognition, we know that such measurement often comes with mixed feelings but at the end of the day, all that matters is whether we get home safely. We would rather consider this bigger picture.

Problems related to traffic safety:

  • Too many accidents
  • Drivers learn fixed measurement checkpoints
  • Human surveillance is limited
  • Wanted vehicle catch rate is low
  • License plate thefts

Our ideas for bringing safety to our road traffic:


Automatic Violation Detection

Red light crossing, solid line crossing, forbidden bus lane usage and prohibited turns can be automatically identified now thanks to AI-powered software.

Up-to-255 km:h

Speed Control

Cameras with high-precision laser units detect speeders even from 1 kilometer distance and automatically identify vehicles by their license plate.

Vehicle Detection

Wanted Vehicle Identification

Based on licence plate data and optional brand, type and color recognition, wanted vehicles are easily identified on any type of roads.


Identifying License Plate Thefts

Though license plate swapping is a common crime, it can be busted with ease when adding make, model and color recognition to the traffic system.


Mobile Traffic Surveillance

With portable and mobile traffic monitoring cameras, the listed functionality gets available independently of location, even at remote places.


Multi-scale Traffic Database

It’s one thing to gather traffic information – but another challenge is reliably storing and managing this data for live and future processing.

hazardous material identification

Dangerous Goods Detection

Road traffic authorities know well how important it is to know which materials are being carried via their transportation network. What if an accident occurs and the trucks lose control over their cargo? What if those containers hold dangerous materials?
Adding an automatic detection of hazardous materials to a traffic system will make sure that this information is always available and helps in those critical moments.

average speed measurement

Average Speed Measurement

An ultimate speed control solution is measuring the average speed of vehicles. How is it performed? There are traffic monitoring checkpoints that register the time and location of each vehicle, linking to its license plate data. This way, it can be easily calculated how much distance the vehicle took in how long time – a perfect input for average speed calculation.
This way, those drivers can be also filtered out who slow down at each measurement point – while they tend to exceed the limit at those areas without speed control.

It’s time to take steps towards a world of safer traffic. Are you with us?

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