Carmen® Nano

On-premise ANPR and MMR
for NVIDIA® Jetson™-based computers


Carmen® Nano is an ANPR software module specially developed for NVIDIA® Jetson™-based computers.

Leveraging the deep learning capacity and processing power of NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™’s graphics processing units, it performs video-based triggering and provides ultra-fast, accurate ANPR courtesy of Adaptive Recognition’s industry-leading Carmen® ANPR technology. Its highly developed AI and analytics capabilities represent great potential in a wide range of applications.

Carmen® Nano is the ideal solution if you would like to build your own future-proof traffic analytics system based on an NVIDIA® Jetson™ board and handle video streams from any IP camera with an on-premise ANPR software.

Highlighted Features


Easy Integration

Software integration into any kind of system, such as VMS (video management system) and ERP (enterprise resource planning), is simple via API.


Smart and Simple Interface

Customizable features include search, statistics, allowlists, and more. Confidence-based event filtering is also available.



Carmen® Nano handles H.264 streams coming from any IP camera.

Software-Based Triggering

No need to add external triggers as a CPU-accelerated software module (PlateFinder) takes care of triggering.


Worldwide ANPR Coverage

38,000+ plate types recognized from 160+ countries and 20 regions.


Adjustable Detection Area

Allowing for flexibility in camera placement.

Gui 2

Videos Included in Events

Recorded events include videos to assist follow-up.

How It Works

Smarten Up Your System With World-Class ANPR

With Carmen® Nano, you can create an access control system without reconstruction and downtime, using the stream of an overview camera.

You can also use an existing CCTV security system to monitor traffic and perform analytics.



Product main feature 1 Software module specially developed for NVIDIA® Jetson™-based computers
Product main feature 2 GPU-accelerated video processing
License location On-Premise
Input type Video stream
Form of software API
Make & model recognition Yes, optional
Minimum system requirements NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ GPU Board (Maxwell GPU, 128 CUDA core) Quad Core ARM Cortex A57 CPU 4GB LPDDR4 memory 16GB eMMC flash memory
Available NNC types USB 2.0 dongle - type A Mini-PCIe card
Licensing One year from purchase included, optional subscription available on yearly basis
Engine Carmen® ANPR Image Carmen® ANPR Cloud
Input Camera stream protocols: RTSP Camera stream format: H.264
Output data format HTTP/HTTPS upload Data stream through API Internal database on web interface GDS upload
Output ANPR data, Background color (optional), Category of the plate (optional), Character color (optional), Country/State/Province ID, Location of each plate on one image, MMR data, Number plate data in UNICODE, Time stamp
Trigger Via video-based, GPU-accelerated PlateFinder module or external software trigger via API call
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