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Adaptive Recognition’s Commitment to Corporate Sustainability 2023

At Adaptive Recognition, we firmly believe that technology can be a force for positive change, and it is our responsibility to ensure that our operations align with environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic prosperity. Acting responsibly is an integral part of Adaptive Recognition’s DNA. Sustainability encompasses more than just reducing climate change; it also entails promoting responsible business behavior, and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Adaptive Recognition is committed to not only addressing environmental concerns but also empowering individuals and fostering their growth.

Areas we’re working on

Areas we’re working on


We are dedicated to creating innovative technologies that promote environmental consciousness and support a more sustainable future for all.

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Social Sustainability

It’s about developing market-leading software and hardware that tackles customers’ greatest challenges - crafted by people within an inclusive work culture.

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No objective can be attained without a framework and principles to guide you. Our sustainability governance provides precisely that.

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