Public & Private Area Security

Whether a property has enough security usually turns out when it is already too late. Think about it in advance.


public area security and private security

At Adaptive Recognition, we deal with security on multiple levels. What is happening outside, surrounding your property? Is your access control system free of all possible security gaps? Is walking in your city streets safe enough? Is your corporate building well protected? And if not… how can it be enhanced? Security and worrying should not go hand in hand. There is a way when you simply do not worry about security – because you know it is well managed.

Typical security problems:

  • Too much workload on security staff
  • No / low level of ID checks
  • Security staff’s attention is not focused
  • CCTV is installed, but needs constant supervision
  • Visitors are not registered properly
  • Hard to search in existing CCTV records
  • More security = less speed and convenience

Solutions for improving security

Public-Private-area-Intelligent CCTV detectors

Intelligent CCTV Detectors

There is no need for constantly supervising CCTV camera footage. Intelligent cameras detect various threats on their own and send you an alert.


Automatic ID Check

Handy scanners help receptions filtering out fake and forged identity documents – fully automatically.

acces-control.Entry based on license plate

Entry-based on License Plate

Link the vehicle access control rights to the license plate information and let the system open the barrier automatically if there is a match.


Easy Search in CCTV Footage

With intelligent search functions, you can easily look up existing records based on clever filters: based on motion, or when a specific event happened, etc.


ID-based Visitor Management

Archive IDs of visitors, make age verification automatically and submit guest data into your system within 2 seconds, using our ID scanners.


Complete CCTV Surveillance

Monitor the corporate building or even the full city using a scalable and intelligent CCTV video management system, with built-in smart detectors.

Feel free to share your security concerns and we will help you find a solution.

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