Carmen® powered ANPR Cloud SaaS

Instant license plate data anytime, anywhere – without building an ANPR system


Having license plate data is undisputedly the base of all road traffic systems. But what if you can get it without building and investing in your own ANPR infrastructure? Vehicle identification is now available as a service, from the cloud, with instant results and valuable data for your business – either it is a corporate parking or a large-scale traffic monitoring system.

ANPR Cloud connects is more than professional number plate recognition: it is a complete vehicle identification system with automatic vehicle brand, model and color recognition. All these come with the advantages of the SaaS (software as a service) / cloud model, offering a fully scalable performance for your project – no matter if your need is only a dozen recognition a day, or even thousands per hour: the cloud makes sure to serve reliable results any time and anywhere.

This system is powered by our well-known recognition engine, Carmen® bringing its exceptional performance: more than 33,000 plate types of coverage and outstanding recognition rate.

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33,000+ supported plates

...from a constantly extended database. No matter where your ANPR system is installed, the software will recognize the plates.



Send traffic streams from any cameras to the cloud – there is no limitation of brands and models.


SaaS / pay-per-use model

Take the burden of unnecessary expenses off your shoulder thanks to the transaction-based model.


Handles distorted images

You get a flexible vehicle identification system that offers high performance even if the input is not the most optimal.


API for integration

Get more out of the cloud system by integrating into your business logics, using the versatile API.


Covers special alphabets

Not only Latin characters, but also Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Bangla, Korean, Thai and many more types are covered.


The use of the Carmen® engine has produced a very manageable, predictable and cost-effective ALPR solution which ATS utilizes as a valuable, technology based efficiency component, of the services we offer our customers.

American Traffic Solutions

A complete vehicle identification service

You retrieve extended information packages, including the following data:


License plate

With a coverage of more than 33,000 plate types and accurate recognition even of non-optimal images.


Make and model

Identification of 100+ vehicle brands and 1000+ models, using a database that is constantly being updated.



All the commonly used vehicle colors, even in low light conditions – now part of the data package.

Client-side vs. cloud-based ANPR?

If any of these 3 scenarios apply to your project, it definitely makes sense to consider using a cloud-based license plate recognition system:

cloud anpr needs less resources

No resource for system build

Building and integrating an ANPR system can take remarkable time, especially if you are new to this technology. Using cloud ANPR you simply take this burden off your shoulder, as our engineers have already completed it – on a professional level.

cloud anpr needs less investment

No wish to make one-time investment

Instead, having a cost-efficient monthly or yearly subscription better distributes your expenses and offers clear and cost-efficient planning for your business.

cloud anpr easy to plan

Not enough information about traffic

In many new systems it is hard or even impossible to estimate the expected traffic load, thus selecting an ANPR software in a cost-efficient way is a matter of luck. Cloud systems, however, offer a pay-per-use model so the expenses fully match your usage.

Cloud ANPR process

You send images, we provide ANPR data

The workflow is simple – imagine a process where the input is an image of a vehicle and the output is the digital license plate data (with its nationality, its color and more). It is that easy, you send your traffic images and immediately receive the ready-to-use data for your application. All you need to do is register to our cloud, then the system provides your token. With this token, you receive the port and host information where you can submit the images.

Benefits of cloud ANPR

cloud anpr saves resources

SAVE resource

You do not have to be an ANPR expert – our experts already put their best knowledge in the cloud. Simply enjoy receiving perfect ANPR data, automatically.

cloud ANPR saves expense

SAVE expense

Why build a system that involves programming and often raises technical challenges and many other unforeseeable factors – while the cloud offers the same function (without effort).

cloud anpr saves time

SAVE time

Your time, like ours, is money. This is why we offer immediate results instead of lengthy planning and implementation. No delays or postponed deadlines in your project.

3 subscription packages for your business

ANPR Cloud comes with 3 subscription options – leveraging the SaaS / pay-per-use model:

Carmen Cloud ANPR free trial


Get 200 ANPR / vehicle identification transactions every month for free and without any obligatory costs.

Carmen Cloud ANPR monthly subscription

Monthly, from €10

Select from many options between 10K and 1280K monthly ANPR transactions as per your business demands it.

Carmen Cloud ANPR custom version

By request

If you need more/other capacity than our monthly subscription packages, we are ready to offer a tailor-made solution for your project.

Discover the game-changer performance at ANPR Cloud's dedicated website!

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Product main feature 1 >99% ANPR accuracy on a global scale
Product main feature 2 Carmen Cloud, Saas ANPR/LPR
License location Cloud
Input type Image
Form of software Cloud API
Make & model recognition Yes, optional
Supported Operating Systems Cloud-based SaaS, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows
Licensing One-time 25k recognition credit package, Pay-per-use, based on credits
Credit calculation One credit / ANPR recognition request, One credit / MMR recognition request
Input BMP, JPEG, Location data, PNG, Source name, Unique ID
Request format HTTP Post method, Standard multipart / form-data format
Security SHA-256 hash algorithm, according to (FIPS) PUB 180-4
Output Character suggestions, Confidence level (in %) of recognition, Coordinates of plate and every character, Country/State/Province ID, ID of recognized images, License plate in ASCII or UNICODE format, Time stamp
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