Enforce BOX

AI Edge Network Device for Red Light and Other Traffic Law Enforcement

Highlighted Features


Automatic Red Light Enforcement

Detection of traffic lights status without expensive sensors built into the roadway or the need to interface with the traffic light controller.


Automatic Detection of Other Traffic Violations

Automatic detection of traffic offenses (Stop, U-turn, Emergency lane, Wrong way, and more) through 14 different free-positioned line and area-based detectors.


Native Integration with Adaptive Recognition Vidar Cameras

Event packages will be complemented with license plate, make and model, and other data coming from the connected camera.


Compatibility with Any Camera

You can upgrade your existing IP camera system with traffic law violation detection.


Easy Setup

Easy installation and setup thanks to an intuitive GUI.


Easy Integration

A well-documented API helps you integrate the product into your system. You can also use the GDS by Adaptive Recognition as a middleware solution.

Enforce Box automatically detects different traffic violations using your existing cameras.

Using our smart cameras, you can add vehicle license plate, nationality, make and model, and speed data.

Enforce BOX can automatically detect a wide range of traffic violations simultaneously on even 4 traffic lanes.


Example of a Typical Setup


List of Detectors

Red Stop Detector

Red Stop
Detects vehicles running a red light.

Stop Violation Detector

Stop Violation
Detects vehicles crossing a stop line.

Wrong Way Detector

Wrong Way
Warns of a vehicle moving against the traffic flow.

Wrong Turn Detector

Wrong Turn
Signals if a vehicle turns the wrong way.

Traffic Lane Detector

Traffic Line
Detects vehicles crossing the solid line.

Emergency Lane Detector

Emergency Lane
Signals when vehicles use an emergency lane.

U Turn Detector

Detects vehicles making a U-turn.

Forbidden Zone Detector

Forbidden Zone
Notifies when vehicles move in a designated area.

Motion Detector

Detects any movement in a selected area.

Stopped Object Detector

Stopped Object
Signals when a vehicle is stopped inside a designated area.

White Line Violation Detector

White Line
Detects vehicles crossing the white line.

Lane Detector

Detects any movement on a selected lane.

Product Documentation and Other Resources

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