MicroCAM Camera for Car-mounted ANPR/ALPR

On-the-move license plate recognition


A perfect tool for police cruising, remote tolling, or parking enforcement. MicroCAM achieves what was once impossible, capturing license plates while you are driving. It is a camera mounted on the car, scanning the traffic environment and automatically detecting surrounding vehicles, reading their license plates, and retrieving their location data – even from a moving car.

This is a mobile ANPR camera with a sleek design, created with portability in mind: it is light and small, offering true mobile usage. MicroCAM can be easily mounted on a rooftop of a patrol car. Its IP67-rated housing guarantees maximum protection – a heavy-duty design that is comparable even to fixed ANPR cameras, enduring all environmental challenges.

Highlighted features


On-board vehicle detection

Automatically identifies surrounding vehicles without the need for external triggers. GPS connectivity ensures exact location data in results.


Tough build

The IP67 housing lets the camera work in harsh outdoor environments withstanding extreme weather and climate.


No.1. LPR engine

The onboard LPR models utilize our flagship ANPR recognition engine: Carmen with the highest accuracy of the market.


Powered via PoE+

With Power Over Ethernet, the camera can be easily powered via a switch/router in the moving vehicle – a single cable for both power and communication.


0-24 operation

MicroCAM features powerful infrared illumination that ensures perfect recognition day & night.


Lightweight design

Thanks to its low-profile and featherweight construction. MicroCAM is perfectly suited for undercover operations.


Have your ever thought about...

wanted vehicle detection with ANPR

How many wanted vehicles have passed by your car (without your knowledge)?

During traditional patrolling, you are only scratching the surface – what if a camera automatically identified all passing and surrounding vehicles, while driving? MicroCAM makes it all possible.

parking enforcement with ANPR

How many vehicles have parked in your zone with an unpaid ticket (then left)?

Cruising with a mobile ANPR camera on your car, you can easily identify parking vehicles and detect unauthorized parking right away. MicroCAM is prepared to capture license plates in various parking positions.

tolling system with ANPR

How many cars have used that road without paying the toll (you were unaware of)?

Many toll routes are located in remote locations where gantry measurement points are not installed. With a mobile ANPR camera, you can have these areas covered, too – no matter how remote the road is, the camera will gather what’s needed.


MicroCAM comes in multiple configurations – adapting to your project needs.


ANPR can be performed externally or on-board. M402 model comes with onboard ANPR while the M202 model lets you connect it to any external ANPR system. It is up to your decision and system preferences.

anpr camera wide angle or long range lens


Depending on whether you check parking cars nearby or other vehicles further away, you may need a different type of lens. MicroCAM is available with two optic configurations to serve your needs.

Heavy-duty yet lightweight

MicroCAM does not know compromise in design. Housed in an IP67-rated lightweight case, it is heavy-duty enough to endure all weather and temperature conditions. Perfect imaging is guaranteed by the 30 fps framerate, professional lens, built-in infrared illumination, onboard license plate detection, and (optional) integrated ANPR.

MicroCAM makes roads of Thailand safer


Product main feature 1 Mobile & compact ANPR smart camera
Product main feature 2 On-board ANPR option, IP 67 protective case
On-board ANPR >99% ANPR accuracy
Trigger Image-based license plate detection
Type of installation Mobile
Communication Single cable POE+
Number of available models 4
Product code(s) M202 FHD IR850 (MicroCAM-02-4330), M202 FHD Wide IR850 (MicroCAM-02-4390), M402 FHD IR850 (MicroCAM-02-4430), M402 FHD Wide IR850 (MicroCAM-02-4490)
Ideal ANPR range 1 m ‒ 4.0 m (3.3 feet ‒ 13.1 feet), 8.0 m ‒ 15 m (26.2 feet ‒ 49.2 feet)
Onboard detectors Image-based vehicle detection
Number of image sensors One
Resolution of sensor(s) 2048 × 1536
Frame rate(s) 30 fps
Optical zoom Fixed 4.5 mm, Fixed 16 mm
Image capturing functions Auto brightness, Configurable auto-switching between day and night mode
Output data format H.264, JPEG, MJPEG stream
Processing unit ARM Dual Core 2x 766Mhz, ARM Quad Core 4x 1 GHz
Power requirement PoE+ (IEE 802.3at)
Power consumption Typical 8-12W, Max. 10-15W
Operating temperature -30°C - +70°C (-22°F - +158°F)
Ingress protection IP 67
Regulatory CE (EMC), EU WEEE, REACH & RoHS Directive, FCC Part 15 Class A
What is in the box? 5m power + communication cable, Camera unit, Mounting bracket, Shield
Optional accessories I/O Cables
Dimensions (with bracket) 183mm x 160mm x 96mm (7.2" x 6.3" x 3.8")
Weight (with bracket) 2.0 kg (4.4 lbs)
Warranty 3 years
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