ZOFRI, Chile

ZOFRI is a 240 ha dutyfree zone in the Chilean city of IquiqueHousing more than 1,600 operating companies, this special zone is safeguarded by a complex business intelligence system explicitly developed for ZOFRI by BTCO S.A. Integrated into the system is an access control subsystem that has been upgraded with 30 Adaptive Recognition SmartCAM ANPR/ALPR cameras in 2020 to reduce time spent at the barriers and filter out unauthorized vehicles from entering the premises.

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Revenue Service, Department of Finance, Georgia

Our ID readers help the work of customs officers in Georgia.

Pasha Global Casinos

ID readers for client registration have been installed at the Casino Hotel Medea in Batumi, Georgia, part of the Pasha Global network of casinos.

United Nations Development Programme, Georgia

For the United Nations Development Programme, ANPR/ALPR systems have been installed at border crossing points in Georgia.

Ministry of Internal Affairs, Georgia

ID readers for border crossing points at international airports, and radar systems for traffic control have been installed in Georgia.

Grand Egyptian Museum

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport


With the aid of 120 Adaptive Recognition ParkIT ANPR/ALPR cameras and world-renowned Carmen® ANPR/ALPR software, Apriclass-GELB, under the supervision of Pablo Maggiore, Product Manager of Apriclass, managed to upgrade the access control systems of many major Argentinian airports across the country. Now passengers can enjoy a faster, smoother, more reliable parking experience.

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Saudi Customs, Saudi Arabia

With the help of the Technical United Co., the Saudi Customs offices managed to upgrade the border control at the borders of Saudi Arabia with sophisticated X-ray scanner systems. Our FreeWAY ANPR cameras read and recognize license plates to be compared with the Saudi Arabian vehicle database alongside the X-ray car scanners. A more complex X-ray system with FreeWAY, SmartCAM, and ContainerCAM traffic monitoring cameras was also implemented to read the license plates and container codes of trucks. A simpler version of this system – consisting of X-ray scanners, SmartCAMS, and ContainerCAMs – was installed on gantries at specific Saudi Arabian border crossing points.

Headquarters of the Council of the European Union

The UVIScan system, combined with Adaptive Recognitionadditional ANPR components, proved to be excellent in replacing the traditional way of under vehicle inspection. We were so satisfied that we decided to drop renting the solution and opt for permanent fixtures. With the help of SecureOne, we installed two fixed UVIScan (Under Vehicle Inspection) systems plus ANPR provided by Adaptive Recognition in 2013, which have been working perfectly ever since.

– Freddy Bosman, Head of Security Systems at the European Council Headquarters, 2015, Brussels, Belgium

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United Kingdom Parliament

By upgrading to a new access control system comprising of Carmen® Freeflow and a set of FreewayCAM ANPR cameras, the Curtis Garden Gate of the UK Houses of Parliament can now ensure a fast, safe, and fully automated admission of representatives and other parliament employees to designated parking lots.

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Bratislava Airport

General Intelligence Directorate Head Offices, Riyadh

At the Riyadh head offices of the Directorate of General Intelligence of Saudi Arabia, a total of 12 entry and exit gates are safeguarded by AR ParkIT traffic monitoring cameras integrated into KASHEF, the Saudi central vehicle database.

Emirate of Madinah Province

The parking of the Governor’s house at the Emirate of Madinah Province has been upgraded with our ParkIT ANPR parking solution.

Cayan Group HQ Building

Teaming up with 4Axis, Captaurus successfully installed our ParkIT access control cameras to the parking areas of the CMC Tower, the headquarters of Cayan Group.

Ministry of Defense, Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Office

The Office of HH Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman at the aviation site of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense is protected by Adaptive Recognition’s tried and tested ParkIT ANPR cameras.

Riyadh Valley, King Saud University

Located within the Riyadh campus of the King Saud University, the Riyadh Techno Valley is often nicknamed the Silicon Valley of Saudi Arabia to transform the country into a knowledge-based economyTo fit this purposethe building complex adapted our ParkIT smart ANPR cameras for its parking facilities.

King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh

Commissioned by the Bin-Dayel Group, Captaurus installed a complex parking system for the international parking lot of the King Khalid Airport of Riyadh, consisting of Adaptive Recognition’s highly reliable ParkIT ANPR cameras.

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

European Central Bank

Lebanese Armed Forces

Læsø Municipality

By upgrading to a pay-by-plate solution using our SmartCAM ANPR cameras, the ferry service operated by the Læsø Municipality is now running more cost-efficiently thanks to faster turnover rates and the better dispersion of vehicles on board the ships.

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Royal Commission for Al-‘Ula

To further improve the nearby heritage sites’ cultural significance, the Royal Commission of Al-‘Ula is erecting a centralized command and control center with a 911 emergency response operation. The parking areas and entrances to the center’s campus and buildings use 15 of our ANPR cameras licensed under the Tyco brand connected to a server-based ANPR solution.

Aramco – Jizan Bulk Plant

Teaming up with Abaja Contracting Establishment, 6SS successfully upgraded the Aramco Jizan Bulk Plant access control system with the HDx Digital model of our FreeWAY ANPR camera.

Al Bayt Stadium

Located in Al Khor, Qatar, and opened in February 2020, the Al Bays Stadium will house the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and several football matches. Over 2,800 ANPR cameras – including one of ours – safeguard the entering and exiting of the audience’s vehicles in the stadium’s parking facilities, all of which use the Milestone XProtect Expert virtual machine system in tandem with the ANPR system of 6SS.

Bin Shabib Mall

The parking garage comprising of 270 spaces and located under this shopping mall complex uses the access control system comprising of our Carmen® ANPR software and three ANPR cameras of the FreeWAY kind.


ADCB, one of the most relevant commercial banking companies in the United Arab Emirates, had its access control system to its parking premises installed with four of our FreeWAY ANPR cameras and got them integrated into our Carmen® ANPR software.

Teejan General Trading LLC

Being a main distributor of specialized building materials for many clients, Teejan General Trading LLC considers safe warehousing of utmost importance. As such, the company has decided to safeguard the entrances to its strategically located warehouse in Dubai with two of our FreeWAY cameras and hook them up to our industry-leading ANPR software, Carmen®.

Souq Extra

The parking lot for the Dubai offices of this retail center development company uses two of our products: a FreeWAY camera and Carmen® ANPR software.

First Avenue Mall

Opened in 2018, the First Avenue Mall & Hotel is an environmentally friendly, contemporary, European-style mall stretched over 46,000 square meters. Its underground parking garage is equipped with our solution, consisting of an Adaptive Recognition FreeWAY traffic monitoring camera and the Carmen® ANPR software.

Elmacs Co. LLC

Elmacs Co. LLC is a major player in the United Arab Emirates in the installation and maintenance of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and firefighting systems. Access to parking spaces at the company’s offices in Dubai is now safeguarded by four FreeWAY cameras linked to our industry-leading ANPR software, Carmen®.

GECO Mechanical and Electrical Ltd.

At the main GECO complex, located in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates, the access control system is managed by Carmen® linked to our two FreeWAY ANPR cameras.

Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau

The facility’s access control system features our ParkIT ANPR cameras.

28 Mall, Baku, Azerbaijan

The shopping mall’s parking access control system features our ParkIT ANPR cameras.

Axiome Concept Inc

Axiome has installed several ParkIT license plate cameras with our Carmen® ANPR software for its automated parking management system. In Canada, these systems operate at Hilton Pearson, SOHO Hotel and at the Quebec Airport, for example.

Advanced Detection Technology

Advanced Detection Technology has been employing our Carmen® ALPR / ANPR engine as a key module for its comprehensive access control solutions for over a year and has experienced great results and positive feedback from customers. With this success, Advanced Detection Technology has decided to integrate the ALPR technology as a built-in, value added feature to its LowCam™ Under Vehicle Inspection Systems.

Verra Mobility (formerly American Traffic Solutions)

„Overall, the use of the Carmen® engine has produced a very manageable, predictable, cost effective ALPR solution which we utilize as a valuable, technology based efficiency component, of the services we offer our customers. Our company has leveraged the Carmen® engine for more than 5 years and during that period of time worked extensively with Adaptive Recognition to obtain the highest amount of technology and business value while working together through several technical challenges. Adaptive Recognition has been a supportive and responsive partner and we receive value beyond the obvious technical value stated above. Working with a vendor partner that is truly invested in the successful deployment of technology creates additional value for us.”

smart-Tecs, LLC

In US Marine Container terminals, our Carmen® ANPR software is used for identifying license plates passing through the smart-Tecs OCR portals.
„We have been successfully implementing this solution with our own Gate Operating Software (GOS). We’ve experienced over 97 percent successful recognition rate of license plates. We are extremely pleased with the results and are completely satisfied with the efficiency of the Carmen ANPR software.” – Lawrence Chan, Vice President of Operations, smart-Tecs, LLC

Kapsch TrafficCom USA Inc.

„Dating back to 2015, Kapsch TrafficCom USA has partnered with Adaptive Recognition America (ARA) to provide the Carmen® FreeFlow OCR Engine as part of our product offerings in North America. We have deployed the Carmen® FreeFlow package at multiple sites and for several customers with consistently strong results.
ARA has worked closely with our development team to provide licensing key configurations that would allow Kapsch to deploy multiple Carmen® instances to support high volume AET sites and still be able to meet accuracy and delivery time KPIs.” – Thomas Kramek, Senior Program Director, Kapsch TrafficCom USA Inc.

JAI Inc.

JAI, Inc. (USA) has successfully utilized the CARMEN® ANPR software in numerous ITS and tolling systems & operations for the identification, recognition and reading of vehicle license plates.

CARMEN® engine has been used in the development of high performance back office systems that routinely process 100,000 + transactions or more daily. These high volume systems are required to perform consistently on a 24 hour, 365 day basis under all prevailing weather and ambient conditions throughout the year. These systems operate with an exemplary error rate: less than 1% (!).

„This Adaptive Recognition product is one of the high performance components to our “State of the art” revenue collection and violation enforcement systems in wide deployment globally.” – Frank Long, Director at JAI Traffic Solutions

Humriya Free Zone

Our professional number plate recognition software, Carmen is integrated in Axxonsoft’s solution, used in the Humriya Free Zone (United Arab Emirates).

Sharjah Airport Free Zone

Carmen, our professional license plate recognition software, integrated in Axxonsoft’s solution is used at the Sharjah Airport Free Zone, in the United Arab Emirates.

Serengeti Golf Estate

At the Serengeti Golf Estate in South Africa, our license plate recognition solution is used, integrated in Axxonsoft’s system.

Penang Safe City

In the Penang safe city project in Malaysia, license plate recognition is performed by Axxonsoft’s solution, using the Carmen ANPR SDK.

Comet Port Services

“We have been using your products for quite some time and may have been one of your first
customers in the US to leverage the Carmen ACCR product. Since then we have added usage to
include semi-truck Chassis IDs and have also integrated the license plate OCR solution. Recently,
we have started to work with the DOT OCR product and are getting very good results at our test
I believe that our solutions offering will grow and a large part of that growth is due to our
inclusion of your products. Thank you again for all that you do and keep up the great work!”

– Mark Anderson, Business Director, August 25, 2020, USA



CatchSystem installed our ANPR and make & model recognition technology at the A12 highway in Netherlands. In the bus lane, the automated vehicle identification is used for enforcement purposes.

Dubai Marina Mall

hotels Hills and Hollywood in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mexico – Virtual Ware IT

A13 Highway – Portugal

Built and managed by Ascendi, the traditional toll gates installed on the Portuguese highway of A13 and A13-1 between Tomar and Coimbra/Condeixa use our flagship Carmen® ANPR software for a lightning-fast and accurate license plate recognition.

Bratislava Airport

M6 Toll Plaza, Cappataggle – Ireland

Because speed iscritical in any toll payment system – to minimize bottlenecks at toll points and to comply with the strict contract requirement related to transaction times – N6 Concessions Ltd is using FreewayCAM ANPR cameras and Carmen ANPR software to extend the tolling system with number plate recognition capabilities, this way ensuring the required level of service.


Our license plate recognition technology is used in the automated tolling systems of A1 and A226 highways.

Columbia – DEVITECK

Brazil – MultiWay



IBI Group Mexico – Plaza Travel Time System

KINEO – Peru

GTT Logistics – Brazil

PYV Technology Mexico


Himmelsbach uses our automatic container code recognition and wagon code identification software in various projects.

Casino Admiral -Liechtenstein

This casino in Liechtenstein uses a smart ID scanner to collect guest data automatically – complying with the regulations and speeding up the check-in process.

Sursee Train Station

This train station in Switzerland uses a digital parking system for their travelers. Incoming vehicles are identified by their license plates, using ANPR technology.

Casino Luzern

This casino in Switzerland uses a digital parking system for enhanced convenience and security. Incoming vehicles are identified by their license plates, using ANPR technology.

MOI in Kosovo

At the borders of Kosovo, Combo Smart passport readers are used for document inspection and FreewayCAM ANPR cameras.

Professional Xidmat – Park Bulvar Mall – Baku

RTA Dubai

Ventech Systems Gmbh (now part of GoodYear) is a developer of professional vehice inspection systems. In some of their projects they use our license plate recognition technology for automatically identifying vehicles.


Ventech Systems Gmbh (now part of GoodYear) is a developer of professional vehice inspection systems. In some of their projects they use our license plate recognition technology for automatically identifying vehicles.


Ventech Systems Gmbh (now part of GoodYear) is a developer of professional vehice inspection systems. In some of their projects they use our license plate recognition technology for automatically identifying vehicles.

Reifen Jais

Ventech Systems Gmbh (now part of GoodYear) is a developer of professional vehice inspection systems. In some of their projects they use our license plate recognition technology for automatically identifying vehicles.


Ventech Systems Gmbh (now part of GoodYear) is a developer of professional vehice inspection systems. In some of their projects they use our license plate recognition technology for automatically identifying vehicles.

MB Herbrand

Ventech Systems Gmbh (now part of GoodYear) is a developer of professional vehice inspection systems. In some of their projects they use our license plate recognition technology for automatically identifying vehicles.


Ventech Systems Gmbh (now part of GoodYear) is a developer of professional vehice inspection systems. In some of their projects they use our license plate recognition technology for automatically identifying vehicles.

JB Hunt in Atlanta airport

Ventech Systems Gmbh (now part of GoodYear) is a developer of professional vehice inspection systems. In some of their projects they use our license plate recognition technology for automatically identifying vehicles.


Ferrovial is an expert of highway security. The company integrated our Carmen®ANPR engine and installed it in various traffic systems in Portugal (A28 Norte Litoral, A23 Via do Infante) and USA (NTE TEXpress Lanes, NTE 35W, LBJ TEXpress Lanes, I-77 Express)

Swissport Cargo Services

At these cargo stations, self-service kiosks with integrated ID scanners speed up business processes.

Saudi Aramco

In mission-critical environments, security is a must. In this project, a special under-vehicle inspection system helps the security staff to create a protection against explosives, weapons, narcotics, and other contraband products hidden under vehicles. Each vehicle is identified by our license plate recognition technology.

Qatar University

The university’s hostel buildings are secured by ANPR-based access control systems.


Lima Airport

At Lima Airport, the vehicle access control system is based on license plate data that is captured by ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology.

Greek Police // New Alert company

On the Greek highways, there is a modern system in operation to enforce unauthorized usage of emergency lanes. The system includes our TrafficSpot data gathering solution, with EnforceCAM and SmartCAM ANPR cameras and our traffic database middleware, GDS.

Frankfurt Airport

At Frankfurt Airport, the vehicle access control system is based on license plate data that is captured by ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology.

Dutch Police

At the Dutch Police, police vehicles are equipped with mobile ANPR systems that are capable of recognizing wanted vehicles even from a moving vehicle.

City Plaza Zagreb

This city plaza has an ANPR-based access control system. It means that all entering and exiting vehicles are identified by their license plates.

Burjuman Shopping Mall

Parking is aided by automatic number plate recognition.

Bulgaria Ministry of Interior // SECTRON company

30 pieces of S1 portable speed and traffic enforcement systems are used at the National Police of Bulgaria. This device is praised for its high-accuracy speed measurement sensor and its onboard processing with embedded license plate recognition and traffic enforcement modules such as the blacklist function for catching wanted vehicles.

Bahrain Islamic Bank

Quick administration and smooth customer experience are made possible by the usage of ID scanners. These devices automatically gather personal data from the clients’ identity documents, this way the lengthy manual input is replaced by automatic data entry.

Armenia Government

Armenia Government uses our ANPR technology to enhance general security in the country.

ABC Mall Beirut

Customers’ parking experience is enhanced by a hands-free and hassle-free access control and payment system at ABC Mall in Beirut.

Malta Airport

Travelers who arrive at Malta Airport enjoy quick and touchless parking experience, utilizing the convenience of license plate recognition.

Galeria Mokotów

Parking is made easy by a ticketless solution in this shopping mall, using license plate data.


At Bayer, our ParkIT System makes sure that the entry/exit of all vehicles is quick and secure. This solution uses license plate recognition to automatically identify employees and guests.

Advanced Building Technologies

The project is for the municipality of Tripoli in Lebanon, including a traffic light system with traffic monitoring cameras for license plate recognition and automatic detection of red light violations.

Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Ljubljana

Surveillance at this faculty of chemistry is performed by Intellio video management solutions.

Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers

Parking and the access control of this hotel is aided by our license plate recognition system, to make it safe and convenient.


Access control is performed by professional license plate recognition at this oil company on the Azores island.

Holiday Park de Barkhoorn

Guests of the friendly Barkhoorn campsite are ensured by the modern, ANPR-based access control system at the entry/exit points of the area.


This Danish ferry company decided to ease their passengers’ travel while they optimize their own workflow and overcome some of their daily headaches – all at once.

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Stena Line

In the Stena Line shipping port (Karlskrona, Sweden), there is a lot of goods coming through each day. A new project, called rePORT is being implemented to automate processes and make workflow smarter – in Stena Line’s vision there is a smart port system where freights are properly tracked and personnel’s job is aided with smart technology.

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This fuel station in New-Zealand introduced a modern system called FastLane where the payment is is performed via a mobile app and the vehicles are identified by their license plate.

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Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center

What makes a parking system smart? This well-known hotel in Copenhagen is well aware of it – and we show the details in this case study.

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SM Duty Free

Our ultra-compact ID scanners are used in Korea to register customers’ travel document data to complete their duty-free purchases.

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Budapest Airport

At Budapest Airport, our ID & passport verification technology is used both in regular border control and also in Automated Border Control e-gates, to perform quick and hassle-free border crossing, while taking security to a next level.

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Tunisian Ministry of the Interior

After we delivered a fleet of automatic mobile cameras with on-board ANPR, Tunisian forces captured 150 vehicles in only 1 month.

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ETO Park Győr

Protection for sporting and cultural events attracting masses have always been a security challenge – but not with IntelliSport.

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Šport Ljubljana

Protection for sporting and cultural events attracting masses have always been a security challenge – but not with IntelliSport.

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Hungarian government had a dream back in 2012: reducing fatal road accidents to half by 2020, decreasing it to near zero by 2050.

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Túnel de Oriente

Earlier, this route took one hour, while now it is only 18 minutes thanks to two brand new tunnels and a bridge.

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City of Miskolc

Miskolc is a major county capital in Hungary, on 250+ km2 with more than 150,000 citizens. Organizing centralized security in such a large area is definitely a challenge, but not with smart technology.

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Øresund (or Öresund) Bridge

A route with a daily traffic of almost 20,000 vehicles (!) have a crucial need: the smooth flow of traffic with no traffic jams, all these in a way that remains safe. Learn how.

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Hungarian Police

Hungarian government had a dream back in 2012: reducing fatal road accidents to half by 2020, decreasing it to near zero by 2050.

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Dubai Mall

Parking in Dubai Mall is made easy thanks to Automatic Number Plate Recognition with automatic barrier opening.

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Burj Al Arab

Incoming vehicles are tracked; using the license plate data the system can locate lost luggages, control the entry/exit barriers, find stolen vehicles, maintain a KYC database and more.

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Burj Khalifa

The parking system in the world’s highest building is ensured by license plate recognition cameras and automatic, LPR-based access control.

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Royal Thai Police

For identifying vehicles anywhere on the road, Thailand uses mobile license plate recognition. MicroCAMs, mounted on top of police cars, automatically detect all vehicles and identify them based on their license plates.

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BRD Bank

ID scanners aid bank operation and avoid any losses due to unauthorized transactions. Customer data automatically populates the bank’s IT system while a forgery check is also performed on the personal documents.

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BCR Bank

In all branch offices, transactions and customer verification are enhanced by automatically reading and authenticating customers’ ID documents.

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Our purpose-built camera can detect vehicles travelling at highway speed, capture razor-sharp images of the windscreen and using our AI-based proprietary software, verfiy the validity of the printed toll sticker by recognizing the text and the place of the punch holes.

Changi Airport

Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority uses a special passport reader model that was developed only for this project: with extended document window to digitalize not just travel documents but immigration cards as well.


The security of money transfer is aided by ID verification.


Passport readers at the reception desk make check-in quicker and easier – this way, the hotel offers a truly advanced guest experience.

The Ritz-Carlton

ID document scanners were installed to automatically extract data from passports, visas or ID cards. The system avoids any input errors and offers great speed compared to manual typing.


The telco company in Austria installed hundreds of Combo Smart N models to benefit from its all-in-one operation: the device automatically processes the ID documents and send the data packages to a pre-defined server location.

National Safety Agency (AU)

Having a database of wanted vehicles, NSA can easily detect them anywhere on the road, thanks to mobile LPR. In such scenario, an LPR camera with onboard recognition scans all surrounding vehicles and automatically alerts when there is a catch.

Hong Kong Immigration

For immigration checks and automated border control, Hong Kong’s Immigration is one of our key users. Due to the long-term cooperation, several client-specific recognition engines have been developed to comply with special local requirements.


Passport readers at the reception desk offer a great benefit for the hotel: guest registration reduces to a few seconds from lengthy minutes, the data automatically populates the hotel / PMS software.


Interpol, the international police organization that connects law enforcement authorities on a worldwide level, uses ARH technology for their own visitor management system at their HQ, Lyon, France.

Soho Grand Hotel

No more data input errors thanks to automated guest data entry, using ARH passport readers.


Delivering more than 7 million examinations annually in over 180 countries, ID scanners help examinees’ identification, making it secure and speeding up the registration process.

Postal Bank Slovakia


VFS – abbreviation of Visa Facilitation Services – uses ARH ID/passport readers for identifying citizens and quality control of newly issued visas.

Nigeria Immigration Service

Tatra Banka


Spielbank Bad Neuenahr


Zzzleepandgo offers airport hotels – modern, capsule-style rooms located at the Malpensa Airport in Italy. The access and check-in to these rooms are enhanced by ID verification.


Automated business processes and enhanced customer experience – made possible by ID scanners at this telco company.


At YHA hostels in Australia, ID scanners help the check-in process.

Kangwon Land Casino

In the South Korean Kangwon Land casino, our ID scanner devices enhance security and customer experience.

Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dubai Al Maktoum International (DWC)

Concordia International School Shanghai

In this school, our ID scanners are used for access control purposes to offer a safe environment for the education of children.


Disneyland Hotel

Accor Hotels


Permanent TSB

GRG Banking

GRG Banking integrated our built-in passport readers in their professional self-service equipment. These kiosks are used as smart ATMs (VTMs) at the DBS Bank in Singapore.

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National Toll Payment Services (NUSZ)

Toll enforcement from a moving vehicle, even on remote roads where there are no checkpoints with fixed cameras? Hungarian authorities use MicroCAM mounted on their patrol cars to identify and categorize vehicles using a live database connection. This innovation is a result of the cooperation of National Toll Payment Services PLC and Adaptive Recognition.

Watch the project video

Flughafen München


From industrial zones to shopping malls, G4S have worldwide security projects using our technology.

Hotel Mercure

Hong Kong International Airport

Serbia Ministry of Interior

Highways in Serbia are monitored by ANPR cameras and tolling is automatically implemented based on license plate recognition.

Hamad International Airport Qatar

Harrah’s Casino

Casinos in Las Vegas, such as the Harrah’s deal with a lot of money – and its players have to comply with the age limit and present a valid ID. This is what our ID scanners automate during the check-in process.

Swiss Post

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