Governmental Applications

From border control to highway tolling, we have many ideas for modernizing governmental processes.


passport readers for border control

Governments are looking for smart solutions to cope with urbanization, crime, increased load of traffic and travel. As technology advances, they must keep track with the newer and newer innovations which are already available on the market. Nowadays, AI completely transforms our world and this improvement is definitely one of the technologies governments will benefit from in this decade.

Some well-known headaches of the governmental sector:

  • Increased load of border control systems
  • Endless combat with identity fraud
  • Long administration time in governmental offices
  • Traffic accidents and congestions
  • People without identification documents
  • Fighting to reduce crime rates

Our ideas for modernizing government systems:

Governmental- Machine-assisted border control

Machine-assisted Border Control

We aid border control systems with smart equipment that automatically identify fake and forged travel documents, offering reliable 1st line authentication.


Automatic Violation Detection

Red light crossing, solid line crossing, forbidden bus lane usage and prohibited turns can be automatically identified now thanks to AI-powered software.


License Plate Recognition

Land border control, traffic violation detection, speed measurement – these are all based on automatic number plate recognition, shortly ANPR.


Administration Automated

Governmental administration is aided with ID scanners that automatically extract personal data and perform forgery detection. No more lengthy typing.


Wanted Vehicle Identification

Based on licence plate data and optional brand, type and color recognition, wanted vehicles are easily identified on any type of roads.


Speed Control

Cameras with high-precision laser units detect speeders even from 1 kilometer distance and automatically identify vehicles by their license plate.

Our company’s first decade was based mainly on governmental projects,
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