Carmen® Box

A camera-independent device for adding
ANPR and MMR data to any video stream


Based on the NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™, Carmen® Box is a standalone device that allows you to enhance your IP camera with plate recognition function. Make and model recognition (MMR) is also available via Carmen® ANPR Cloud.

Connect it to your PoE-supported camera and your network to get license plate data and event-based video recordings. The easy-to-use interface helps with the proper settings. The IP video stream gets forwarded to your database, complete with ANPR and MMR data.

The device provides accurate vehicle and plate data for traffic analysis. You can create an access control system without reconstruction and downtime using the stream of an overview camera, or monitor traffic using an existing CCTV security system. Carmen® Box also natively supports GDS, our database middleware for event storage, analytics, and data visualization.

Highlighted Features

Easy Intergation

Easy Integration

Integration to VMS (video management system), parking, and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems is simple via ONVIF/API.

User Friendly

User-Friendly GUI

You can handle multiple cameras through a single interface. Customizable features include allowlist support.



With Carmen® Box, you can easily add Plug & Play on-premise plate recognition to any IP camera. Streaming is easy through a direct link.


Video-Based Detection

No need to add external triggers. The NVIDIA® Jetson™ GPU-accelerated software module (PlateFinder) takes care of triggering.


Worldwide ANPR Coverage

Onboard and cloud-based plate recognition by Carmen®. 38,000+ plate types recognized from 160+ countries and 20 regions.


Adjustable Detection Area

Allowing for flexibility in camera placement.

Gui 2

Event Packages Full of Data

ANPR and event are displayed in the same image. Recorded events include videos, and, optionally, MMR.

How It Works

Smarten Up Your Camera With World-Class ANPR

No need to invest in servers, complicated installations, and frequent maintenance. All you need to do is connect Carmen® Box to any type of IP camera via a PoE cable to take care of powering and data transfer at once.

You can customize settings to your needs or use the presets to get the most out of your solution.

Carmen® Box will select the optimal images for ANPR from the H.264 stream. The PlateFinder software trigger detects license plates in an instant.



Product main feature 1 Software module specially developed for NVIDIA® Jetson™-based computers
Product main feature 2 GPU-accelerated video processing
Available NNC types Built-in mini-PCIe card
Licensing One year from purchase included, optional subscription available on yearly basis
Engine Carmen® ANPR Image Carmen® ANPR Cloud
Input Camera stream protocols: RTSP Camera stream format: H.264
Output data format HTTP/HTTPS upload Data stream through API Internal database on web interface GDS upload
Output ANPR data, Background color (optional), Category of the plate (optional), Character color (optional), Country/State/Province ID, Image (event and cropped license plate), Location of each plate on one image, MMR data, Number plate data in UNICODE, Time stamp
Trigger Via video-based, GPU-accelerated PlateFinder module or external software trigger via API call
Power requirement 12V 5A DC
Power consumption Typical: 15W
Connectivity LAN, PoE (RJ45)
SD-card slot User accessible
Storage External drives via USB3, M.2 M2280 NVMe SSD, MicroSD card
Video analytics PlateFinder module or external software trigger
Operating temperature -30°C - +60°C (-22°F - +140°F)
Dimensions Without bracket 148.6 x 129.8 x 34.6 mm (5.85” x 5.11” x 1.36”)
What is in the box? Carmen® Box device, power supply (12V 5A), thermal pads (for M.2 SSD)
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