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April 01, 2019

New Remote Access to Your LPR Data: REST API for Carmen® ANPR Stream

New and easy access to LPR traffic data through
REST API – now available through a new interface
in our popular plug-and-play LPR solution: Carmen® GO.

Our plug-n-play License Plate Recognition (LPR) application, Carmen® ANPR Stream (formerly Carmen® GO), has got a new function; autosaved traffic data can now be reached remotely via the interface called REST API. This popular technology gives you improved access to recognized events, including the LPR data, stored in the internal database of Carmen® ANPR Stream.

Benefits of the New LPR Data Access

The new feature of the LPR API comes with many benefits:

  • You can get all event details from the internal database remotely
  • You are able to filter by plate / country / date / time / stream
  • There is no need to install any additional SDK or software
  • It allows easy connection to 3rd party applications.

REST API is just an option for reaching autosaved data. At present, you can access your valuable traffic data by reaching the web interface through a browser, by automatic result transfer to FTP (in CSV), or by tapping into the data stream directly to gather input data for any end-user application.

What Is REST API – and Why Is It Good for You?

REST API (Representational State Transfer) is in effect a uniform interface that provides online interoperability between computer systems, using a stateless protocol and standard operations. It returns human-readable data (results in JSON format) designed for fast performance.

Read more about the REST technology here:

For specific details of Carmen® GO’s REST API feature, take a look at the software reference manual or get more familiar with Carmen® GO in general at our dedicated website.


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