SpeedCAM ANPR speed camera

Measures speed, takes care of safe traffic. The guardian angel of any road.


We have a newer version of this product. You may want to explore our latest traffic monitoring camera: the VIDAR ➝

Statistics show that 30-50% of traffic accidents are caused by speeding – a common traffic violation that can be easily reduced by implementing proper speed measurement systems. SpeedCAM is our way of maintaining safe traffic and ensuring the safety of lives.
This speed camera is truly a smart unit – with integrated processing, onboard ANPR functions, radar-assisted (certified) speed measurement and many built-in smart features, such as the automatic detection of approaching vehicles, clear night vision or the parallel quad-core ANPR processing.

To ensure flawless functioning in 7/24, any time and anywhere, this speed camera got a IK10 and IP67 rated robust housing – taking care of roads from Canada to Saudi Arabia.

Highlighted features


Industry-leader ANPR

SpeedCAM is powered by Carmen, our flagship recognition engine that is considered to be the best on the market.


Certified speed measurement

It is not just a speed camera – it comes with exceptional precision that is certified by the relevant authorities.

Vehicle Detection

Vehicle Detection

Thanks to VehDet, the camera works well without external trigger and makes sure there are no missed vehicles.


All-weather design

The IK10 and IP67 rated camera house allows steady operation both in ice-cold and high heat, in heavy rain or in dusty wind.


Multi-core ANPR

Image processing is run parallelly on 4 CPU cores, this way minimizing the ANPR time.


Night vision

Each vehicle stays visible even in the darkest hours thanks to the powerful illumination and synchronized flash.

3 features for speed enforcement

Integrating several components in a traffic system can easily get complicated. Luckily, SpeedCAM takes this burden off your shoulder:

speed measurement camera with integrated triggering


There is no need for an external trigger: SmartCAM runs the unique Vehicle Detection feature. This built-in triggering makes sure there will be no missed vehicles.


The well-known accuracy of Carmen maximizes ANPR performance in all corners of the Earth - the software supports many alphabets, from the Cyrillic to Arabic.

speed measurement anpr camera

Speed measurement

SpeedCAM’s Doppler-radar unit offers a certified speed measurement solution that ensures traffic safety both in cities and highways.

An elaborate speed camera with dual sensor

SpeedCAM has a special, dual-sensor optical module – the result of elaborate engineering work. Its primary sensor constantly gathers images for ANPR while its secondary sensor is designed for the proprietary Advanced Vision function: a smart feature for eliminating over-exposed or too dark imaging that would decrease ANPR performance.
In addition to the clever imaging, SpeedCAM gets complete with the fullHD resolution, 30-54 FPS rate, built-in 4G and GPS modules and of course, the radar module.


Product main feature 1 Fixed ANPR & speed detection camera
Product main feature 2 Stand alone operation, on-board ANPR, MMR
On-board ANPR >99% ANPR accuracy
Trigger Image-based vehicle detection, Radar-based
Type of installation Fixed
Optical zoom 3.3×
Number of available models 1
Product code(s) SPEEDCAM FHD DUAL PLUS IR 850 (SpeedCAM-03-4562)
Ideal ANPR range 10 m ‒ 20 m (33 feet ‒ 65 feet)
ADR recognition Yes, European ADR signs
Onboard detectors Image-based vehicle detection, Make & model recognition
Number of image sensors Two
Resolution of sensor(s) 2048 × 1536 + 1280 × 960
Frame rate(s) 54 fps + 30 fps
Image capturing functions Auto brightness, Configurable auto-switching between day and night mode, Motorized iris, Motorized zoom & focus, Programmable presets
Output data format H.264, One event / detected vehicle, JPEG, MJPEG stream
Processing unit ARM Dual Core 2x 766 MHz + Intel Atom® Quad Core 4x 1.9 GHz
Speed measurement Radar-based
Speed measurement accuracy Up to 100 km/h: +/- 3 km/h, beyond 100 km/h: +/- 3%
Position determination GPS
Communication Ethernet, 4G/LTE
Power requirement 24-28V AC
Power consumption Typical: 20W, Max. without heating: 26W, Max. with heating: 29W
Operating temperature -40°C - +70°C (-40°F - +158°F)
Ingress protection IP 67
Impact protection IK 10
Regulatory CE (EMC), EU WEEE, REACH & RoHS Directive, FCC Part 15 Class A
What is in the box? Camera unit, Data cable, Mounting bracket, Power cable, Shield
Accessories IR-LIGHT, Junction box, I/O Cables
Dimensions 390mm × 167mm × 340mm (15.4” × 6.6” × 13.4”)
Weight 6.4 kg (14.1 lbs)
Warranty 3 years
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SpeedCAM ANPR speed camera

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