Extending the power of ANPR.

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Whether it is number plates, dangerous goods labels, shipment tracking codes, or vehicle make and model information, the CARMEN® software family is your best bet to transform images into data packets.
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What Customers Say About Carmen®


TransCore has relied on the Carmen® ANPR engine to provide ANPR services for many U.S. tolling authorities, proving itself with its industry-leading license plate reading and recognition accuracy.

TransCore Inc.

We have deployed the Carmen® ANPR package at multiple sites and for several customers with consistently strong results.

Kapsch TrafficCom USA Inc.

The CARMEN software is one of the high performance components to our revenue collection and violation enforcement systems in wide deployment globally.

JAI Traffic Solutions

We greatly recommend the Carmen® ANPR technology and its efficient technical support.

Perkons S.A., Brazil

Carmen® ANPR/ALPR Software Highlighted Features

Camera Agnosticism Carmen® Software

Camera Agnostic

You do not need to upgrade your cameras to make them compatible with Carmen®. All engines work with any CCTV/IP/ANPR/LPR devices, regardless of brand, model, and stream type.

Worldwide License Plate Character Coverage by Carmen® Software

Worldwide Character Coverage

Carmen® is the most reliable ANPR/ALPR software with global coverage. It's available in various forms, such as on-premise API, plug'n'play software, or cloud-based SaaS.

Easy Integration for the Carmen® Software Family

Easy Integration

Our API is offered in C, C++, C#, Java, and VB.NET. You can run your Carmen-based project on x64 and ARM architecture on Windows or Linux platforms.

Powerful MMR

With front and rear orientation detection, our state-of-the-art Make, Model, Category, and Color Recognition (MMR) engine recognizes 230+ vehicle makes, 1700+ models from 9 regions world-wide.

Dangerous Goods Sign Recognition of Carmen® ANPR

Dangerous Goods Recognition

Beyond ANPR/ALPR, Carmen® is able to easily recognize hazardous materials (ADR and IMO codes).

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