Use Cases for MicroCAM

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12 pages, PDF format

A Guide for Getting the Best Out of Adaptive Recognition’s MicroCAM Mobile ANPR Camera Through Possible Use Cases

Mobile industrial cameras featuring automatic number/license plate recognition (ANPR/LPR) such as Adaptive Recognition’s MicroCAM is a crucial tool for those who want to perform quick and efficient capturing of license plates on the move. However, a mobile ANPR/LPR camera is only a small fragment of the whole picture. To leverage on-the-go license plate recognition to the maximum, you need a system that’s perfectly adapted to your needs.

This FREE guide will give you an idea about what makes a mobile ANPR/LPR camera system really work and in what situations can it be used to achieve the desired results.

By downloading this material, you get:

  • a list of components of a mobile ANPR/LPR system featuring MicroCAM
  • a brief introduction to the available MicroCAM versions and their most important features
  • a thorough description of all possible use cases MicroCAM cameras are perfect for
  • some additional advice that could be useful when deciding how to use your MicroCAM ANPR/LPR cameras and which components should your system have to begin with.

We will also introduce other products that could be useful for your mobile ANPR/LPR project. You can also check out our dedicated page for more stationary or on-the-go solutions and devices for unbeatable speed and traffic enforcement systems.

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