Traffic Enforcement Lightbar

A smart lightbar with integrated AI-powered traffic monitoring


Our Traffic Enforcement Lightbar is an all-in-one tool for performing general lightbar functions, 180° traffic surveillance, and analytics tasks through the following functions:

  • on-the-go traffic monitoring
  • vehicle identification with ANPR
  • make & model recognition (MMR) + color detection
  • patrol car lightbar

Thanks to its highly modular design and interchangeable illumination, the lightbar can be used for mobile scene surveillance by the police, disaster recovery authorities, fire service, ambulance, military, insurance companies, and many more. Records can be either sent to a centralized server or processed directly in the car on a PC.

Highlighted Features


180° Surveillance

5 dual-lens cameras for simultaneous monitoring of 3 front lanes and parked vehicles on the sides.


Regulatory Compliance

Red/blue lights are fully compliant with the regulatory specifications.


Synchronous Flash & Imaging

No interference between the lightbar flashing and the imaging for ANPR – these are all synchronized.


Suitable for ANPR and MMR

The lightbar captures ANPR and MMR-ready images for accurate recognition.


Undercover Traffic Monitoring

The device looks like a simple lightbar. Its extra capabilities remain hidden.


Small Weight

Featherweight design for easy mounting.


Sturdy, Low-Maintenance Design

No moving parts, IP67-protected design, automatic day and night vision modes.

Problems? Solved!

The simultaneous usage of car-mounted license plate recognition/traffic surveillance devices and a lightbar presents a number of challenges. Our integrated tool overcomes these perfectly. Find out how.


Lightbar Flashing Interfering with ANPR Imaging?

In Traffic Enforcement Lightbar, flashing and ANPR recognition is perfectly synchronized, resulting in perfect ANPR-ready images while staying fully compliant with regulatory lightbar flash specifications.


Separate Devices Blocking Each Other's Perspective?

The lightbar may block the view of car-mounted traffic cameras, and the light of the lightbar may be blocked by the cameras. In our integrated device, the position of each unit is thoughtfully designed to avoid blocking the view of each other.


Limited Angle of View?

Car-mounted traffic monitoring cameras only offer a limited angle of view. The Traffic Enforcement Lightbar on the other hand offers a 180° wide view from a moving vehicle, thanks to 5 built-in units of dual-sensor cameras, making it perfect for traffic surveillance purposes.


Product main feature 1 Mobile smart patrol combined with industry No. 1. ANPR
Product main feature 2 Robust design with 180° surveillance, ANPR + MMR analytics
Accuracy of ANPR >99% ANPR accuracy on global coverage
Trigger Video-based vehicle detection
Type of installation Mobile
Number of image sensors Ten
Resolution of sensor(s) 2048 × 1536
Frame rate(s) 30 fps
Optical zoom Fixed narrow (12 mm), Fixed wide (4.5 mm)
Available surveillance settings 180-degrees ANPR and area surveillance (4 streams, 4 cameras), 3 lanes ANPR and speed enforcement (3 streams, 3 cameras), Side ANPR (parking) and 3 lanes highway patrol (8 streams, 5 cameras)
Illumination wavelength IR for night vision, Visible (red, blue, yellow and wihte) for emergency lighting
Illumination control Fully synchronized with the shutter speed of the sensors
Communication Gigabit Ehternet
Ingress protection IP 67
Dimensions 1170mm x 400mm x 80mm (46.06" x 15.75" x 3.15")
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