ParkIT System

Your 21st century gatekeeper and parking solution – using the convenience of license plate recognition.


Imagine a vehicle access control system that works without tickets, tracks all vehicles, puts less workload on your security employees and offers a full control of entry/exit movements – based on license plate data. All these are put together in our innovative solution called ParkIT System, a smart parking software that manages access control using ANPR technology. Thanks to its convenient scalability, it is perfect from private access control to large logistics hubs with multiple entry/exit points as well.
All incoming and exiting traffic is tracked, saved and can be controlled based on your pre-defined blacklists/whitelists. Forget tickets and manage the barriers automatically – this system will take the burden of workload and security issues off your shoulder.

Highlighted features


Powered by ANPR

The system uses the latest license plate recognition technology, using our flagship algorithm: Carmen®


Camera-independent solution

You can use either Adaptive Recognition or 3rd-party cameras with ParkIT System, it is designed for maximum compatibility.


Built-in blacklist / whitelist

Add vehicles to your blacklist when you wish to keep them off your property or ensure all-time entry for others.


Multi-lane solution

One license manages up to 20 lanes but the system is scalable – can be flexibly extended any time.


Remote access

View logged entry/exit data via a laptop or smartphone anytime & anywhere.


Open for integration

Use the included REST API to interface the system with any 3rd-party technologies.

How it works

How does an ANPR-assisted parking system work? Here is the process – performed in less than 5 seconds:

capturing license plate at the entry

1. The vehicle arrives

The camera recognizes the approaching vehicle and automatically takes images of it

2. License plate recognition

The built-in ANPR analyzes the images, reads the license plate data and checks if the access is approved

access granted by the parking system

3. Access granted

The system opens the barrier and lets the vehicle enter the area

All access management on your PC / tablet / smartphone

ParkIT System comes with an easy-to-use interface that lets you see what is happening on your property at any time – with the option to search for previous events, based on time interval, license plate or other filters. You can simply set user rights, add access for a specific license plate or also deny its entry according to your preferences.


What benefits can an ANPR-assisted parking system bring to your business?


All visitors tracked

Registering license plates of all incoming vehicles makes it possible for always being aware of who is inside the property. This is the base of any security system.


Control over your entrance

With just a few clicks, you can rely on your smart gatekeeper system and it will automatically manage the access of all entering / exiting vehicles. You can easily search for these events later.


Less workload on security staff

With such an intelligent parking solution, the gate-keeper personnel’s only job will be the supervision of the system and the parking area – enabling a much better focus on overall security.


Parking space management

Knowing how many cars are in the property, the number of available spaces can be shown at the entrance, this way avoiding lengthy cruising or vehicles looking for empty parking spaces when there aren’t any left.


Touchless: no keys, cards or codes

Drivers will also benefit from an ANPR vehicle access control system when approaching the barrier – there is no need to open the window as the system is completely touchless: it works without any keys, cards or codes.

Application areas


Corporate buildings




Parking facilities


Industrial sites


Airports, bus & train stations


Gated communities


Festivals, sport events



Product main feature 1 ANPR-based vehicle acces control & parking management
Product main feature 2 Turnkey solution, web browser GUI and various camera options
Type of product Windows application, optionally with local server
Accuracy of ANPR >99% ANPR accuracy on global coverage
Processing unit Intel Core i7 platform, customizable configuration
Trigger MOXA ioLogik E1212* device, GPIO
Ideal ANPR range 3m – 12m (10ft – 40ft)
Works with Adaptive Recognition FreewayCAM camera, Adaptive Recognition ParkIT camera, Any 3rd-party camera that feature HTTP/MJPEG
Number of supervised gates Up to 20 cameras; multiple location support
Access control functions Automated gate control (open/close), License plate is read when vehicle arrives at gate, Support for proxy card readers
Live monitoring 16 live camera images, Data displayed: entry & exit events, license plate, vehicle make + model + color, owner name, company name, date & time
Permission types Authorized users, Guests, Non-authorized users
Permission management Persons, vehicles, companies, access cards and tenant groups, Time intervals
Parking control Actual parking vehicles' list, Available parking space count, Customizable parking zone structure, Multi-location support, Nest-parking support
Statistics Customizable reports by persons, vehicles, companies, access cards, tenant groups and time periods
User management Admin, installer, guard and supervisor - default, Customizable user groups
Supported GUI languages English, Hungarian, Spanish, The user interface can easily be translated to any language. Please contact us for further information.
Licensing Runtime license, one per installation - including free updates for 1 year
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7 and 10 (32/64 bit)
Integration Open API
Accessories IR-LIGHT, Junction box, I/O Cables
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