EINAR ANPR/ALPR Camera for Access Control & Parking

A plug’n’play, smart parking camera for instant, quality ANPR imaging


Einar is the next step in the evolution of fixed parking and access control cameras, tailored for a smoother, more convenient traffic monitoring experience. This newest generation access control camera, surpassing the ParkIT model in several aspects, is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool with a sleek yet sturdy design, destined to be the watchful guardian of any access control, parking, and slow traffic monitoring project.

Thanks to its plug’n’play design and providing simple settings, this ANPR camera can be hooked up to your systems in a breeze. Einar even supports a GPIO-port, enabling it to open barriers, send data, and more without human interference. Other smart features include optional or preinstalled on-board ANPR engine, built-in IR or white LED illumination, auto-adjustment for the optics, and even device memory expandability – all this with low energy consumption rates.

Regardless of the ANPR software and the type of illumination used, Einar provides near-perfect license plate capturing. With a set of software-based triggers, optics that work under any light conditions, and events containing both image and video files, no vehicles can hide from Einar’s prying eye.



Powered with PoE+

Supplied by Power over Ethernet+ technology and GPIO connectivity, Einar eliminates complicated cabling, resulting in a smooth installation and operation.


Plug'n'play Use

Thanks to the easy setup with preset modes and the straightforward GUI, Einar is ready to be used instantly.


On-board Carmen® ANPR

Whether included or added later as an upgrade, Einar models run our flagship license plate recognition engine, Carmen®.


SD Card Expandability

With the memory card expandability option, Einar can store multiple events on the camera without overwriting the data.


Video Events

Aside from the regular pictures, Einar includes short videos with all events for an even better ANPR imaging.


Built-in IR or White LED Illumination

Einar models can be equipped with infrared or white LED lights depending on whether you want ANPR images in black & white or color.

The ANPR Camera for Everyone

A smart and reliable ANPR camera that just works. This is what customers want – and this is what they get with Einar. Regardless of the chosen model, all Einar users will enjoy:

Easy Installation and Operation

Forget lengthy installation processes, raveled cables, and wasting time navigating through the settings hidden under unappealing GUIs. In Einar’s case, unbox, connect the PoE+ cable, boot it, select the preset camera modes or set up your configurations with just a few clicks, and you are good to go.

User GPIO-port

With the GPIO-port included, your camera can easily communicate with universal controllers to open gates on its own.

ANPR-ready Imaging

Einar is fine-tuned to capture ANPR-ready images, allowing you to integrate them into new and existing traffic monitoring systems alike. For convenient, on-the-spot license plate data processing, basic Einar models can be upgraded any time with on-board ANPR powered by Adaptive Recognition’s industry-leading Carmen® engine.

Convenient ANPR Taken to the Next Level

Einar has been designed to snap pictures or videos of license plates in a highly accurate manner right when you need them in the best quality possible.

Black & White or Color Imaging for All Project Types

Whether it’s the standard or the teleoptics version, Einar always snaps pictures perfect for ANPR processing with its 5MP sensors. Thanks to the IR illumination, license plates remain visible regardless of light conditions. With our white LED Einar model, ANPR images can even be in color, making them ideal for traffic projects where information like the vehicle’s or the license plate’s color counts.


With Einar, it’s not you who need to adapt to the camera, but the camera that adapts to the traffic situation. Einar is smart enough to automatically zoom change its focus, guaranteeing crystal-clear ANPR-ready images at all times, even during less than ideal conditions.

Confident Image Capturing With Software Triggers

Software-based triggers are becoming more widespread in ANPR cameras due to their ease of use and customization. In Einar’s case, the image-based triggering guarantees that license plates are captured as soon as they appear on the screen. Paired with the on-board ANPR engine, you get what you want in the blink of an eye: images with the necessary ANPR data.

Events Consisting of Images and Videos

By default, events mean images with the captured vehicle, plus the necessary ANPR information like license plate, date & time, GPS location, etc. This is already enough for most traffic monitoring projects. However, Einar takes this a step further and adds video recordings to the mix. This provides confident and precise ANPR analytics in more challenging situations, such as monitoring slow but continuous city traffic.

Expandable Memory for Long-Term Data Storage

To guarantee that new events don’t immediately overwrite older ones, Einar allows you to expand its memory via external SD cards*. As such, you have plenty of time to save your files to an external storage or move them to another database for further processing or safekeeping.

* SD cards are sold separately. For a limited time, Einar ANPR camera customers receive an SD card with the device for an additional 1.00€.

Application Areas


Parking Systems


Access Control


Stop-N-Go Tolling


Slow Traffic Monitoring


Product main feature 1 Compact design, Standalone solution for access control
Product main feature 2 Image & video events, Motion detection and license plate-based triggering
On-board ANPR >99% ANPR accuracy, Preinstalled or optional
Type of installation Fixed, Plug-n-play
Power requirement PoE+ (IEE 802.3at)
Power consumption 5 W
Maximum ANPR range at 0 LUX 1.5 m - 4 m (4.92 feet - 13.12 feet), 4 m - 8 m (13.12 feet - 26.24 feet)
Maximum ANPR range 20 m (65.61 feet), 35 m (114.82 feet)
Maximum recommended speed 70 km/h (43.5 MPH)
Resolution 5 MP
Lens type 3 - 12 mm, motorized focus/zoom, 9 - 22 mm, motorized focus/zoom
Optical zoom 2x, 4x
Shutter type Rolling
Illumination wavelength IR 850nm, Visible white
Illumination modes Continuous
Processing unit for ANPR 1.25 GHz + HW accelerator
Communication protocols DHCP, DNS, NTP, TCP/IPv4
Connectivity PoE+ RJ45 & GPIO
SD-card slot User accessible
Carmen® ANPR Optional
Video analytics Alarms, Intelligent motion detection, Tracking, Vehicle detection
Make & model recognition No
Trigger In-built video analytics, Video-based vehicle detection, Image-based vehicle detection, GPIO
Operating temperature -30°C - +55°C (-22°F - +131°F), -30°C - +85°C (-22°F - +185°F)
IP Rating IP67
Dimensions 167 mm x 126 mm x 100 mm (6.57" x 4.96" x 3.94")
Weight 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs)
What is in the box? Bracket, Camera, IP67 RJ45 connector housing, Shield
Accessories Optional GPIO cable
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