Combo Smart II

ID & Passport Reader for Quick Data Capture

ID Data Entry Has Never Been Easier

Focus on what matters. Combo Smart II scans IDs and passports instantly, freeing you up to connect with your customers.

Designed for Everyday Efficiency: Combo Smart II quickly scans and reads data from a wide range of identity documents, including passports,

IDs, driver’s licenses, and resident permits. It automatically detects the document type and initiates scanning for seamless data capture.

Ideal for KYC (know your customer), age verification and customer registration for businesses of all sizes that prioritize speed and accuracy in data collection (eg. hotels, banks, casinos, liquor stores, tobacco shops, car rental services, pharmacies, events and many more).

Forget about typing errors and all the struggle with entering complicated names and addresses; Combo Smart II can automatically detect and read these for you. Read MRZ (Machine Readable Zone), data from VIZ (Visual Inspection Zone) and barcodes, all in one device.

Use the captured data to fill in forms, contracts, register guests, clients, print badges with face photo. Captured data and images can be exported in various formats (including xml, pdf) or directly sent to another application (via SDK / API integration, or via our Autofill form filler software), like access- and visitor management, hotel PMS, client registration systems and many more.

Main Highlights:

• Lightning-fast data entry – have all ID data in 1-2 sec
• High-resolution ID/passport images with face photo extraction
• Simple and effective – no user training needed
• Fully automatic document detection and reading
• Photocopy and fraudulent document detection
• High-quality 500 ppi images captured in normal white, infra-red and ultra-violet light
• Automatic image enhancement with Adaptive Light Control (ALC) and Reflection Removal (RR)
• Easy installation (single USB cable, powered from USB, use it with a laptop as a portable device)
• Software and drivers for both Windows and Linux systems
• SDK (API for software integration), test programs with GUI included

Highlighted Features


Lightning-fast data entry

Save time and have all ID data, even the most complicated names, addresses etc. in 1-2 sec.


Simple and effective

Fully automatic document detection and reading. There is no user training needed.


Easy installation

Single USB cable for data and power. Use it as portable device with a laptop.


Easy integration

Send data to any system. Use the included SDK or our optional Autofill form filling application for quick integration.


Photocopy and optional fraudulent document detection

Reads passports, IDs, driving licenses and other travel documents automatically.


Automatic face photo extraction

Have the printed face photo extracted from IDs and passports to print them onto badges, loyalty cards.

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