Carmen® MMR

AI-powered vehicle identification based on brand, model and color recognition


Advanced traffic monitoring starts with thorough vehicle identification. With today’s contemporary deep learning technologies, ITS systems detect not only the category, weight, or license plate but also the brand, model, and color of the passing vehicles. Linking these data comes particularly important when it is about to detect license plate-based criminal activities.

Carmen® MMR is our latest, neural network-based innovation for traffic monitoring that answers this challenge. By recognizing 200+ vehicle brands and over 1,700 different vehicle models either from a front or back image in a lightning-fast fashion with high accuracy, Carmen® MMR is a reliable tool for gathering vehicle data in a fully automated way, with multiple application areas including speed measurement, traffic surveillance, and access control systems.

Carmen® MMR is an additional license, available for Carmen® ANPR Image, ANPR Cloud, and Carmen® Mobile.

Three attributes

Three attributes Carmen® MMR automatically identifies for advanced traffic monitoring

Carmen MMR vehicle brand recognition software

Make (Brand)

Whether the image is taken from the front or back of the vehicle, Carmen® MMR recognizes more than 200 brands. And that list is still growing!

Carmen MMR vehicle model recognition software


Carmen® MMR can accurately determine 1,700+ model types, even if the image shows the vehicle from the back.
The list of supported vehicle models is updated regularly.

Carmen MMR vehicle color recognition software


With the Carmen® MMR license, your system can automatically detect and recognize more than a dozen different vehicle colors, including different shades of the same color. It even works in low-light conditions.

how to detect license plate theft with Carmen MMR

More than 25,000 plates are stolen only in the UK, every year

And that is just a small part of the worldwide statistics. By linking ANPR with make and model recognition, authorities can easily detect number plate misuse and illegal swapping. It is one of the many advantages of MMR.

No compromise either in accuracy – or in speed

Below data is a result of multiple test cases – your system can also benefit from this performance.

Carmen MMR vehicle brand recognition accuracy

Close to 100% Detection Rate

Carmen® MMR has an outstanding accuracy rate of 97+%, especially for those cars that are frequent in the given region. Regions with full front and back vehicle MMR support include Europe, North America, countries of the Arabian peninsula (+ Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria), and Brazil. Frontal MMR is supported in the regions of Australia, Central America, and South Asia.

Carmen MMR vehicle model recognition speed

Recognition in the Blink of an Eye

In supported regions, Carmen® MMR does its job in less than 0.05 seconds. During some of our tests, Carmen® MMR even produced results in only 0.035 seconds. This guarantees that the necessary information about the captured vehicle is presented to you in an instant, guaranteed by the same technology used for license plate recognition.

What you need to utilize Carmen® MMR

Carmen® MMR is an add-on license available for all image-based ANPR solutions of Adaptive Recognition, including our flagship number plate recognition software, Carmen® ANPR Image, ANPR Cloud, and Carmen® Mobile. The license is also provided for Adaptive Recognition camera models supporting onboard ANPR: Vidar and Einar.

Find out here which components are needed for your business to benefit from make and model recognition:

ANPR and vehicle model recognition

Either a PC/server/phone with Carmen ANPR

Carmen®, the industry-acclaimed license plate recognition engine, has the same software architecture that MMR requires. MMR works only if Carmen® ANPR - the Carmen® ANPR Image SDK, the ANPR Cloud SaaS, or the Android-based Carmen® Mobile - is present.

...or an Adaptive Recognition smart camera

Smart cameras designed by Adaptive Recognition - like Vidar and Einar - are capable of running make and model recognition thanks to their onboard processing feature. This way, imaging, ANPR, and MMR are performed by one single device.


Product main feature 1 200+ makes and 1,700+ models
Product main feature 2 97+% MMR accuracy (including non-ideal images)
License location Cloud, On-Premise
Input type Image
Form of software Application, Cloud API, SDK
Availability Optional to ANPR
Supported Operating Systems Cloud API also available, Windows and Linux (32/64 bit)
Supported CPUs   AVX is required
Licensing Option to all image-based ANPR software: Carmen® ANPR Image, ANPR Cloud, Carmen® Mobile
Software Requires a working Adaptive Recognition ANPR software license, SDK, Application or Cloud API
Recognized categories Bus, Car, Heavy truck, Light truck, Van
Recognized vehicle makes 200+
Recognized vehicle models 1,700+
Category classification accuracy 97+%
Make & model recognition accuracy 97+% (custom made engines available)
Speed of recognition At least 4 times faster than other MMR engines we tested
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