Carmen® MMR

AI-powered front and rear vehicle identification based on brand, model, category, and color recognition


Carmen® MMR has been created to advance traffic monitoring projects via intelligent make, model, category, and color recognition using contemporary deep learning technologies. It is a license add-on for Carmen® automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) products and Adaptive Recognition’s Vidar ANPR camera, available in nine regions globally.

Our MMR add-on can recognize 200+ vehicle brands, over 1,700 different vehicle models, and many colors either from a front or rear view angle in just 0.05 seconds or less with great accuracy. The add-on can even return region-specific brands and model names if the vehicle is manufactured under various aliases, listing them in the results. If ANPR is also involved, that data can also include license plate information.

With Carmen® MMR, you get an automated tool for gathering vehicle data in application areas like speed measurement, traffic surveillance, and access control systems.

Highlighted Features

Carmen MMR List Make

Make (Brand)

Carmen® MMR recognizes more than 200 brands - even those with different names in certain countries (e.g., Opel/Vauxhall/Holden).

Carmen MMR List Model Audi


A total of 1,700+ models are recognized with Carmen® MMR. The list of supported models is updated on a regular basis.

Carmen MMR List Color


Many commonly used vehicle colors are part of the data package. Colors are recognized even in low light conditions.

Carmen MMR List Category


From motorbikes, cars, pickups, and vans to trucks, trailers, and buses, Carmen® MMR has no problem with recognizing vehicle categories.

Carmen MMR List Heading

View Angle

Carmen® MMR confidently recognizes vehicles from various view angles, most particularly from the front and the rear.

Some Use Cases for Carmen® MMR

Did you know? More than 25,000 license plates are stolen only in the UK, every year. And that is just a small part of the worldwide statistics. By linking ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) with MMR, authorities can easily detect license plate misuse and illegal swapping.

However, this isn't the only project Carmen® MMR can be used for. It can also be a worthy partner in the following:
Traffic Monitoring & Data Collection

Traffic Monitoring & Data Collection

Gather valuable data about the vehicles’ likes with Carmen® MMR and use it for various purposes from simple road usage monitoring and targeted advertising on digital billboards to better urban planning.

Law Enforcement & Security

Law Enforcement & Security

Stolen vehicle repainted and or/with a swapped plate? Detecting security threats such as trucks with dangerous goods in green zones? With Carmen® MMR on board, vehicles are identified with perfect accuracy, allowing law enforcement agencies to step into action if something is off.

Toll Systems

Toll Systems

With make, model, and category detection, e-tolling systems are made faster and more accurate. Traditional toll plazas can also benefit from Carmen® MMR with staff in toll booths being able to determine the necessary fees even before the vehicle stops.

Access Control

Access Control

Create more refined access control systems with the addition of MMR features, and prevent unwanted cars from entering places like parking garages with low ceilings, low and ultra-low emission zones, logistics centers, and many more.

Road User Charging

Road User Charging

Thanks to recognizing not only the make, model, and color of a vehicle but also its category, all vehicles charged for road usage on toll and toll-free roads – i.e., heavy trucks – can be quickly and effectively monitored, checking whether the driver has paid the necessary fees to be on the road.

See How Carmen® MMR Works in ANPR Cloud

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Below data is a result of multiple test cases – your system can also benefit from this performance.

Carmen MMR vehicle brand recognition accuracy

More Than 97% Detection Rate Guaranteed

Carmen® ANPR has an outstanding detection rate of 97+%, especially for those cars that are frequent in the given region. In addition to that, our MMR add-on supports front and, in many cases, back vehicle recognition in many regions across the globe.

Opel, Vauxhall, Holden Logos Over the World

Region-Specific Brand and Model Recognition

Many vehicles are sold globally but, for specific reasons, under a different brand and, often, using another model name too. By supporting various regions worldwide, Carmen® MMR can easily spot these differences and name vehicle brands and models accordingly.

Carmen MMR vehicle model recognition speed

Getting the Necessary Results in a Fraction of a Second

In supported regions, Carmen® MMR does its job in less than 0.05 seconds. During some of our tests, Carmen® MMR even produced results in only 0.035 seconds.*

* Both tests were conducted on an average computer with 8GB RAM and Intel Core i5 processor on a 64-bit Windows 10 platform.

How to Build Your System With Carmen® MMR

Carmen® MMR is an add-on license, meaning that in order to benefit from make and model recognition, purchasing another Adaptive Recognition product – an ANPR software or camera – is required.


ANPR Cameras

The Carmen® MMR license is currently provided for our Vidar high-speed traffic monitoring cameras. MMR is performed via the cloud on base models - by sending the images to ANPR Cloud - and on the device itself in the case of Vidars with dedicated ANPR processors.


Product main feature 1 200+ makes and 1,700+ models
Product main feature 2 Exceptional accuracy
License location Cloud, On-Premise, Shared over the network (IPNNC)
Input type Image
Form of software Application, Cloud API, SDK
Availability Optional to ANPR
Supported Operating Systems Linux (64 bit), Windows 10 (64 bit), Windows 11 (64 bit, ARM support coming soon), Cloud API also available
Supported CPUs   AVX is required
Licensing Option to all ANPR software: Carmen® ANPR Image, Carmen® ANPR Stream, Carmen® ANPR Cloud, Carmen® Mobile, Option to select ANPR cameras: Vidar, Einar
Software Requires Adaptive Recognition ANPR software license or ANPR camera, SDK, Application or Cloud API
Recognized vehicle makes 200+
Recognized vehicle models 1,700+
Recognized categories Bus, Car, Caravan, Heavy truck, Light truck, Motorbike, Pickup, Trailer, Unknown, Van
Supported regions Arabian Peninsula (inc. Jordan, Lebanon, Syria), Australia, Central America, Europe, North-America, On request: any region supported by Carmen® ANPR, South America, South Asia
Make & model recognition accuracy 95+% (under ideal conditions)
Category classification accuracy 97+%
Speed of recognition 0.035-0.05 sec
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