On sunny mornings and dark nights,

Vidar keeps doing its job

Traffic never sleeps. This presents a constant challenge for number plate recognition solutions. Your system’s performance shouldn’t depend on the ever-changing light conditions during the day.
Vidar automatically adapts to day and night. It also handles those special hours when sunlight hits the view directly or when there is absolutely no light but the vehicles’ headlight beaming into the camera.

The reason why Vidar manages these challenging situations so well lies in its intelligence and power.
Read on and discover how Vidar copes with all these challenges.

Challenge #1

Over-exposure at sunrise and sunset

The best positioning for an ANPR camera is when it sees only a section of the road and excludes the horizon. However, some installations cannot be done that way. The camera will face challenging moments when the sun hits the horizon or shines exactly from behind the camera, making reflections in the captured images.

Most ANPR cameras take over-exposed images, but not Vidar. Thanks to its super-powerful infrared illumination and the built-in infrared cut filter, it’s able to set its aperture to a very narrow position while still getting enough view and light to capture license plates. Failed plate reading due to over-exposure is an unknown thing for Vidar.

Challenge #2:

Fast traffic

Vidar captures ANPR-ready images without any blur up to 300 km/h (186 mph). This is aided by three features: 

  • Integrated, non-intrusive triggering options, which never miss a vehicle
  • Powerful illumination that allows the camera to capture fast-moving vehicles with short shutter time, even during low-light hours
  • Flexible shutter system that captures a full image in only 0.0004 seconds. In other words, 2,200 times faster than the blink of an eye.
Challenge #3

Light and shadows

Even on well-lit roads in daylight, license plate recognition can be tricky due to shadows. Sometimes a plate is partially sunlit and shadowed at the same time.

This is not a problem for Vidar. Its built-in, powerful infrared LEDs provide homogeneous illumination of the whole plate, creating the right input for an ANPR engine. Also, the dual optics design lets you capture the same traffic with different settings to maximize plate capture quality.

Challenge #4:

Reflective and non-reflective plates

License plates can be reflective or non-reflective. While reflective plates are well visible even in low-light conditions, non-reflective plates require intense light to have a good contrast image. When the two types of plates occur in the same traffic flow, imaging gets complicated. Not for Vidar. Its frame parity flashing system creates an automated illumination sequence fast enough to capture each and every vehicle no matter what kind of plate it has.

Challenge #5:

Pitch-black nights

Even in complete darkness, Vidar can still shine some light on the traffic to make plates visible. Its integrated, synchronized infrared light source is so powerful that it can produce well-lit images up to 20 meters even in 0 Lux conditions. With the optional extra illuminator, you can increase this range up to 100 meters.

Note that the maximum ANPR range will remain 40-50 meters due to the character size.

Challenge #6

Huge temperature differences

Aside from changing light conditions, temperature and weather also challenge traffic monitoring cameras. 

-45°C to +55°C

Vidar is built to withstand extreme temperatures, from -45°C to +55°C, with a maximum internal operating temperature of +70°C. This range covers all areas on the planet where road traffic exists.
Challenge #7

Harsh weather

Heavy rain, snow, hot and wet climate, or dusty wind. These conditions should never affect the camera’s durability. Vidar is designed for many years of 24/7 operation. The 50,000 hours MTBF, IP67-compliant design, and the IK10-certified aluminum casing make Vidar completely weather-resistant and even vandal-proof.

Confident license plate recognition
anytime, anywhere

The ever-changing light conditions, temperature, and weather won’t affect Vidar’s operation.

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