FreewayCAM ANPR camera

Does ANPR recognition rate matter in your traffic project?


We have a newer version of this product. You may want to explore our latest traffic monitoring camera: the VIDAR ➝

In our nearly 30 years of ANPR experience, it became clear that some myths surround this niche industry. And in most cases, the reason why an ANPR system does not work as expected, lies in these myths and misbeliefs. The FreewayCAM ANPR camera is designed by license plate recognition experts who are aware of all those important technical nuances such a system involves. They know the best image resolution for ANPR, the speed / shutter time relation, the tricks to avoid blurred images, over-exposure or low contrast capturing all the ins and outs of ANPR, which resulted in a truly advanced number plate recognition camera: a real workhorse of traffic systems.

This traffic monitoring camera will capture plates up to 255 km/h and uses the revolutionary Advanced Vision technology that makes sure to only proper images are captured in any light conditions and the unique Vehicle Detection for onboard triggering. ANPR will become a smooth job in any weather and temperature, thanks to the IP67-protected design.

Highlighted features


The best input for ANPR

FreewayCAM was designed to capture images that are just right for every license plate recognition application.


Rugged, weatherproof

All-weather and wide temperature range for worldwide operation is guaranteed by the thoughtful design and IP67 protection.


Onboard triggering

If you use FreewayCAM you do not need any external trigger – the camera has it by default.


Advanced Vision

Dual camera system prevents low-contrast or over-exposure. Simultaneous color 3MP and IR HD operation enhance ANPR results.


Up to 255 km/h

The camera’s shutter speed and image capturing system allows recognition of vehicles with up to 255 km/h speed.


Auto brightness control

No need to tune this ANPR camera, it automatically adapts to the current light conditions in order to provide proper ANPR input.

Those nuances of ANPR

Let’s deconstruct this traffic camera: what is included in the IP67-protected metal house? Built-in infrared illumination, a dual lens system, high quality sensors and the soul of the camera: the controller board that runs our favorite AI-based features: Advanced Vision and Vehicle Detection, for the sake of best ANPR input.

Connecting products

Some other products you may want to consider for your ANPR system

radar module for anpr camera


Add-on radar module that works plug & play with FreewayCAM, designed for triggering purposes. Having a trigger makes sure that only those images are processed that have the license plate – this way, avoiding any system overload and missing events.

infrared light for anpr camera


This traffic camera has built-in illumination, but if you need to read license plates in the distance (even ~100m) in low light conditions, some additional light may come in handy. IR-LIGHT is a plug & play light extension for FreewayCAM.


FreewayCAM produces excellent images for ANPR purposes – and you will need perfect ANPR software to extract license plates. Carmen ANPR is an industry leader technology, fine-tuned through decades.

What are the myths of Automatic Number Plate Recognition? We use our 30 years experience to uncover the truth.

Let’s debug those myths!

Application areas


Tolling systems


Journey time measurement


Congestion charging


Access control


Airport and harbor logistics


Traffic security monitoring


Bus lane and red light enforcement


Border control


Parking systems


I have interacted with Adaptive Recognition Hungary on different stages of supply chain from sales to support and I always had the impression of being treated as a VIP customer, although I did not order thousands of products. The FreewayCAM ANPR camera performed uninterruptedly even in the harshest environment and the results from Carmen ANPR were beyond expectations – considering complications in non-western characters – and even outperformed experienced local competitors!

Majid Daryadel, Traffic solution expert


Product main feature 1 Rugged, weatherproof, IP67 & IK 10 protected
Product main feature 2 Works up to 255 km/h (160mph)
Trigger Image-based vehicle detection
Type of installation Fixed
Communication Ethernet
Optical zoom 11x
Number of available models 4
Product code(s) FREEWAYCAM WVGA IR850 (FreewayCAM-02-1150), FREEWAYCAM HDX IR850 (FreewayCAM-03-6350), FREEWAYCAM HDX White (FreewayCAM-03-6354), FREEWAYCAM FHD DUAL IR 850 (FreewayCAM-03-4362)
Ideal ANPR range 10 m ‒ 20 m (33 feet ‒ 65 feet), 4 m – 20 m (13 feet – 65 feet)
Number of image sensors One, Two
Resolution of sensor(s) 752 × 480, 1440 × 1080, 2048 × 1536 + 1280 × 960
Frame rate(s) 30 fps, 54 fps + 30 fps, 60 fps
Image capturing functions Auto brightness, Configurable auto-switching between day and night mode, Motorized iris, Motorized zoom & focus, Programmable presets
Output data format H.264, One event / detected vehicle, JPEG, MJPEG stream
Operating temperature -45°C - +70°C (-49°F - +158°F)
Ingress protection IP 67
Impact protection IK 10
Power requirement 24-28V AC
Power consumption Typical: 7-11W, Max. without heating: 14-17W, Max. with heating: 20-32W
Regulatory CE (EMC), EU WEEE, REACH & RoHS Directive, FCC Part 15 Class A
What is in the box? Camera unit, Data cable, Mounting bracket, Power cable, Shield
Accessories IR-LIGHT, RAD-AR Trigger, Junction box, I/O Cables
Dimensions 390mm x 167mm x 155mm (15.4” x 6.6” x 6.1”)
Weight 4.6 kg (10.1 lbs)
Warranty 3 years
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Vidar, the most advanced ANPR camera by Adaptive Recognition with built-in laser triggering and more.

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