Carmen® Railway Codes

Automate any railway system with Railway code identification


What do these trains carry? Are they on time? Are they where they should be? Any missing carriages? – you can answer these questions easily by having an automatic railway code recognition system. Carmen® UIC was developed exactly for such a function.

This is the way how commercial railway system operators register passing railway carriages (carrying cargo or passengers) without human assistance by taking advantage of automation. The gathered data – the codes, used for identifying railway cargo (called UIC) are automatically stored and processed for statistical and system management purposes – functions that simply cannot be done manually.

Highlighted features


Market leader recognition

Carmen® is a well-known name in the recognition market: UIC code reading benefits from the same accuracy.


User-friendly API

You can build your system using various programming languages, thanks to Carmen’s flexibility.


Vendor independent

Carmen® UIC is not linked to any hardware, you have total freedom in selecting image sources.


Motion detection

A software-based motion detection feature is ready for usage if you do not have a trigger.


Windows/Linux support

The API can be used on both operating systems for the convenience of your integration work.


Confidence level

The software provides the confidence levels of each character for better control over OCR.


UIC codes are those special pieces of data that wagons have printed on them – a key data for railway operations. UIC code recognition helps identifying and tracking railway wagons for railway operators, infrastructure companies and transportation authorities. UIC, by the way, stands for the the French name of the International Union of Railways (Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer), the number system is defined in UIC leaflet 920-14.



Product main feature 1 UIC/Railway code reading
Product main feature 2 API ensures easy integration
Output UIC codes in ASCII
Returns also Confidence level, Position
License location On-Premise
Supported Operating Systems Linux (32 bit [ARM], 64 bit), Windows 10 (64 bit), Windows 11 (64 bit, ARM support coming soon)
Licensing Single, Dual, Quad
Available neural network controllers Mini PCIe card, PCIe card, USB (internal 4-pin), USB 2.0 - type A
Input BMP, JPEG, PNG, Still image from memory
Trigger Software motion detection, Can be integrated with any trigger
Programming languages on Windows .Net, C/C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic
Programming languages on Linux C/C++, Java
Included in the SDK Demo applications, Sample programs in source code
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