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Welcome to the world
of Document readers and ID verification solutions!

Five common problems that Osmond solves perfectly

1. Slow manual entry
2. Data entry errors & misspellings
3. Accepting fraudulent documents
4. Lack of traceability
5. Expert ID authentication is expensive

When to consider buying the Osmond
document reader solution?

Unboxing and ID reading demo –
what happens when you scan an ID?

Scanning documents with Osmond: The scanning process
Scanning documents with Osmond: Unboxing the device

Buy Osmond and insert it into your system

Insert Osmond into your system: Physical integration (desk, kiosk)
Insert Osmond into your system: Software integration & network setup
Insert Osmond into your system: Output data options

Osmond models: features and differences

Osmond’s Unique Selling Points

Osmond’s unique features: Imaging & data reading
Osmond’s unique features: ID verification capabilities
Osmond’s unique features: 3. Workflow, system design & ergonomy

Why Adaptive Recognition’s document readers?

Why Adaptive Recognition: Our core strengths
Why Adaptive Recognition: Support, warranty, data privacy

The integrator’s choice: why Osmond?