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Authentication Checker

Interactive Demonstration page

Every Osmond comes with an Authentication Checker application, which offers full-spectrum ID authentication with a range of security checks and visualization features.

There was a time… when document verification was the privilege of forgery experts.

Not anymore! Osmond comes with Authentication Checker – an application for full-spectrum ID verification, including a range of security checks and visualization features.

Multiple applications for your scanner

Every Osmond scanner is delivered with two ready-to-use applications: Authentication Checker and Full Page Reader Demo. This latter software may sound familiar for existing Adaptive Recognition customers: it’s an app for users with intermediate experience, mainly for testing, integration and troubleshooting purposes. For those integrators who would like to have a better understanding of the scanning workflow and have a look “under the hood,” this software is definitely for you.

The other, new application, called Authentication Checker, is designed for any user who wants to check IDs – even without any related expertise. It displays the results in a clear and easy-to-understand way, thanks to a completely re-defined workflow and user-friendly interface. For many businesses, this software may serve as a ready-to-use app, with no programming needed on your side.

Authentication Checker

End-user type interface


Can be utilized as a ready-to-use application


Advanced technical settings


Full Page Reader Demo

End-user type interface


Can be utilized as a ready-to-use application


Advanced technical settings

Authentication Checker

ID verification, simpler than ever. A ready-to-use application with a user-friendly interface, that reads multiple data and includes security check features – all the essentials for checking IDs.

ID authentication software passport reader demo
Full Page Reader

It’s an application that lets you grab a peek under the hood. Detailed settings, advanced level configuration capabilities that help you test, integrate and troubleshoot your device.

passport authentication software
Document view: Browse all the scanned images, captured under various illuminations – with zooming and cropping features. You can set it to display the recognized OCR fields too.
Summary: Get a summarized view of the extracted information, including printed (OCR + barcodes) and digital data coming from contactless- and contact chips.
Detailed view: Get an in-depth overview of the extracted data, such as MRZ fields, VIZ fields, barcodes, RFID data, one by one.
Security checks: Find here a list of the authentication checks performed, with an explanation of and results for each of them.
View selector: It’s possible to select one of the four key parts of the software interface and display it in a full-screen view.
Control panel Start scanning, clear previous scanning + quick settings for OCR and RFID.
Options Customize the reading process, switch on/off data reading/verification tasks and set the save location.

How quick is the scanning?

Check out these real-time records we recorded to demonstrate the scanning speed. The first video shows a scanning process with only imaging and printed data reading. The second video includes RFID data reading as well. This second process requires more time due to establishing secure communication, additional data reading and the chip’s bandwidth limitation.

Without RFID reading

With RFID reading

Scanned images

Check out the high-res, beautiful images captured by Osmond, using various illumination sources, in just a few seconds. The scanned images are available instantly in JPEG format.

Edge light

Edge light (also known as “oblique light”) is usually included only in massive document examination equipment. Osmond is an exception: despite its compact size, our engineers were able to integrate this special illumination into the unit. What happens when this light source is used? As the light comes in from a low angle, all the tactile/embossed parts of an ID’s surface will stand out and become clearly visible. Such details are often absent, or imperfect, when checking forged documents.

Hungarian passport Hungarian passport infrared

Select your Osmond from among the four different configurations.