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CARMEN Parking - License Plate Recognition Software Library & SDK

The CARMEN Parking is a cost effective version of the multi-purpose CARMEN Freeflow license plate recognition (LPR) engine, yet it is designed to be used only in systems and applications where cars are stopped or slowed down at gates, entries/exits or in front of barriers.

CARMEN Parking can also give parking lot operations management information about car park usage, improved security for both car park operators and car park users, improved traffic flow during peak periods, vehicle recognition through date and time stamping, exact location and management of comprehensive database of traffic movement.

Parking management or vehicle access control systems become capable of automated vehicle entry to and exit from a car park or a secure zone by using CARMEN Parking. The operation of gates, barriers and other access points can be automated by the computer system.

The CARMEN Parking ANPR package contains many components: automatic number plate recognition engine, a neural network controller, library functions, demo and test applications and tutorial and sample programs both in executable and source code.

In order to achieve the highest possible recognition rate, we offer several models of different professional quality cameras designed for license pate recognition. As a flexible system, CARMEN Parking can be tailored to accommodate special client needs.

After integrating CARMEN Parking into parking management systems, controlled and automatic vehicle entry and exit becomes possible in car parks or secure zones. Furthermore, the ability to recognize registration numbers is a significant added value for comprehensive parking solutions or inventory management.
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