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Kiosk Smart Module - ePassport Scanner for e-Gates With OCR Software Library & SDK

Coming soon, ask for more details.

Kiosk Smart: a scanner of personal IDs and travel documents designed specifically for physical installation into e-gates, self-serve kiosks and other service counters.

  • Single-step reading and verification of:
    • passports
    • visas
    • health insurance cards
    • visitor badges
    • ID cards
    • driver licenses
    • 2D barcodes from cell phones and boarding passes
  • Automated ID detection and authentication for kiosk users reduces data entry errors
  • OVD visualization and ARA's unique Reflection Removal (RR) technology facilitates accurate verification
  • High resolution 500 DPI LED based imaging in white, IR and UV (optional)
  • Ergonomic design in durable metallic casing
  • No moving parts ensures reliability
  • Variable cable connection position and mounting points
  • SDK simplifies installation into systems
  • Fully scalable to meet special technical requirements
  • RFID (e-passport) option provides:
    • reading regardless of chip position
    • automated face comparison between datapage photo and RFID DG2
    • two SAM slots available, one easily accessible and one secure
    • ISO and ICAO standards compliant, supports BAC, PACE, EAC, AA and PA

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