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Kiosk Smart Module - ePassport Scanner for e-Gates With OCR Software Library & SDK

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The Kiosk Smart module is a fast and accurate scanner authenticating personal IDs and travel documents against forgery, alteration or misuse; essentially designed for physical installation into e-gates, self-serve kiosks and other service counters.

With efficient image processing, optical character recognition (OCR), bar code reading and authentication functions, Kiosk Smart scanners offer many advantages to security operations where identity verification is crucial: border control, immigration, airports, banks, hotels, and many more.

The ergonomic design has no moving parts, simplifying customer use and furthering reliability for self-serve systems. Using our innovative processing technology, the data is captured and authenticated automatically, eliminating the need for specially trained personnel and reducing data entry errors.

2D barcode readings from customer and passenger ID´s such as driver licenses, visitor badges, insurance cards, passports, cell phones and endless other IDs can be authenticated within seconds. Data images are made by the optical module in LED based visible white, infra red (IR) and optional ultra violet (UV) illumination. The data from these images is then read by the OCR, therefore, the authentication can be achieved: taking only a few seconds for the entire image taking and data reading process.

The Kiosk Smart communicates through USB ports located in numerous positions. With several different mounting points, cable connection positions and a simple metallic casing, the standard version Kiosk Smart fits into most machines. However, customized OEM models with various configurations are available to meet special technical requirements and/or size constraints.

Supplementing the Kiosk Smart readers is a CR-ROM containing both the drivers and a Software Development Kit (SDK). Assuring compatibility with your system, several operating systems and programming languages are recognized and supported by the drivers and the SDK. The Kiosk Smart supports BAC, EAC, PA, AA and PACE authentications and is ISO and ICAO standards compliant.

The Kiosk Smart, with its leading-edge software and practically designed hardware, offers accelerated and trustworthy verification functions for any self-service operation.
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