One endpoint – multiple data gathering: the modern traffic monitoring solution for Intelligent Transportation Systems.


Create an ITS system effortlessly with this multi-data gathering endpoint. TrafficSpot, a combination of traffic monitoring cameras and sensors, comes as an integrated measurement system. It is fully modular: adjust the configuration and list of devices according to your project’s preferences – either it is a modern traffic security system on highways or a digital tolling project implemented in the city.
When stating multi-data features, we talk about ANPR, speed measurement, vehicle categorization, weight measurement (Weigh-In-Motion / WIM), axle number and the automatic detection of various traffic offences like speeding, driving through reds, solid (white) line crossing and the illegal use of an emergency or bus lane. TrafficSpot does not just collect these data but systematizes them as traffic events and provides a compact data package that will be the perfect input of your traffic management system.

Highlighted features


Powered by Carmen®

TrafficSpot utilizes Carmen®, the industry leader ANPR software – for the highest possible accuracy.

Vehicle Detection

No missed events

The cooperation of multiple sensors guarantees that each and every vehicle is properly recognized.


Modular design

Your project's needs will define the configuration of TrafficSpot – including only those elements that are needed.


Handy data output

The system links all data types to a traffic event and the result is transferred in one package.


Optical, laser, radar…

And more. TrafficSpot utilizes a wide range of data gathering devices – ready for all challenges.


Endures all weather

TrafficSpot and all its devices operate from -30°C to 65°C or even from -50°C with auxiliary heating.

ITS tolling system

The most valuable data for your toll control

TrafficSpot automatically gathers the perfect input for any tolling system, such as:

  • License plate data
  • Vehicle category
  • Weight (using Weigh-in-motion module)
  • Axle number
  • Vehicle photo evidence

The essentials for enhanced traffic security

TrafficSpot offers everything a modern traffic security system requires, with features like:

  • License plate recognition
  • Speed measurement
  • Automatic detection of traffic violations
  • Vehicle photo evidence

What is on this gantry?

So many smart devices – working together on one gantry. Deconstructing the system, we find:

  • ANPR camera viewing the front of vehicles
  • ANPR camera viewing the rear of vehicles
  • Overview camera for general surveillance
  • Side camera for axle counting validation purposes
  • Doppler radar for triggering and speed measurement
  • 3D laser scanner for triggering and categorization
  • Optional DSRC and/or RFID readers
  • Local servers for comprehensive onsite data processing and secure data storing


Watch our video about TrafficSpot


Product main feature 1 Single-gantry, multilane controller SW with local server
Product main feature 2 Free-flow & stop-n-go traffic monitoring- and enforcement
Type of product Lane controller SW with local server
Accuracy of ANPR >99% ANPR accuracy on global coverage
Trigger Image-based vehicle detection, Laser-based, Radar-based
Collected data ANPR , category, vehicle speed, traffic offences, optional: weight-in-motion
Ideal ANPR range 10 m ‒ 20 m (33 feet ‒ 65 feet)
Onboard detectors 16x Direction detection, Image-based vehicle detection, Make & model recognition, Solid line crossing, Wrong-way driving, U-turn detector, Red light crossing, Stop detector, Driving in a bus lane or emergency lane, Traffic jam
Vehicle detection accuracy 100.00%, TÜV Certified
Recognized categories TLS 8+1, Swiss10, TLS 5+1, TLS 2+0
Classification accuracy >99.4%
Recognized vehicle makes 100+, European and Asian brands
Recognized vehicle models 1000+ models
Make & model recognition accuracy >98%, custom-made engines are available
Speed measurement Laser-based, Radar-based
Detected speed Up to 255 km/h (160 mph)
Output Every event consist of: location ID, event ID, lane ID, GPS location and timestamp, vehicle plate country code, front and rear license plate, vehicle category, axle count, vehicle speed, onboard unit (OBU) data, front view- and rear view image, overview image, One event / vehicle
Output data format XML, Binary
Back-office server Adaptive Recognition Globessey Data Server (GDS)
Covered typical lane width 4m (13ft)
Local data storage Up to 2 weeks, in case of network outage
Works with 3D laser scanner, Adaptive Recognition S1, Adaptive Recognition SmartCAM, Adaptive Recognition SpeedCAM, Adaptive Recognition TrafficSpot, DSRC readers, Weight-in-motion (WIM) sensors
Processing unit Intel Core i7 platform, customizable configuration
Licensing Based on number of lanes, number of sensors and measurement functions
Height of installation Ideal: 6 m; max.: 10 m (20ft; max.: 32ft)
Integration Open API, based on Adaptive Recognition VRS Binary Protocol
Ingress protection IP 67
Operating temperature -30°C - +65°C (-22 F - +149°F); With auxiliary heating: -65°C (-85°F)
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