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March 05, 2019

Cyrillic OCR Support in Adaptive Recognition Passport Readers

The passport reader software got extended with new OCR libraries

Cyrillic OCR

Adaptive Recognition’s Passport Reader software has now been extended with Cyrillic OCR! This means that we now provide optical character recognition of the Cyrillic alphabet.

As of 2019, Adaptive Recognition’s software module is capable of capturing printed data from any identity document written in Cyrillic script. The personal document can be a passport as well as a driver’s license, a national photo ID, or any locally issued identity document, such as residence permits, student IDs, etc. Passport reader coverage includes Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Serbian, and Kazakh identity documents as well as other regions using Cyrillic characters.

Greek OCR and Other OCR Capabilities

Greek OCR support, another new feature, enables Adaptive Recognition passport readers to process identity documents issued in Greece and Cyprus.

However, supporting the Greek alphabet isn’t the only thing our products can read and recognize with ease. As of now, this is how the list of read and recognized characters looks when it comes to the Adaptive Recognition passport reader OCR software:

  • Latin characters: dates and alphanumeric texts
  • Special characters based on the Latin alphabet (e.g., ö, ü, ñ and č)
  • Digits in Arabic identity documents
  • The Cyrillic alphabet
  • The Greek alphabet

And this list is further expanding as we go on. If you want to know more about Adaptive Recognition’s passport reader products, visit the product pages of our VIZ software add-on and authentication software add-on, or scroll through this page to see all of our ID authenticator solutions.