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March 27, 2018

Adaptive Recognition Passport Readers Now Integrated With Secunet Biomiddle

Adaptive Recognition is pleased to announce that our popular Combo Smart and PRMc passport reader series are now compatible with our industry friend secunet’s product biomiddle.

We live in a connected world. The market expects compatible devices to function in the same digital ecosystem. It has always been a high priority for Adaptive Recognition to allow the integration of external modules/devices – like those performing biometric checks – and platforms that facilitate the integration of Adaptive Recognition ID scanners into larger systems.

About Secunet Biomiddle

Secunet biomiddle is an intermediate platform between an SDK and an end-user application. It makes system integrators’ tasks easy when they need to implement various data collection and biometric identification processes in a project. Secunet biomiddle is a modular, easy-to-use, integrated solution for handling and matching various data sources. The data can come both from ID documents and biometric sources such as the face, fingerprint, or iris. Its main application areas include critical places like border control or e-ID issuance. To learn more about this product, visit Secunet’s website.

secunet biomiddle functions

Passport Readers Involved

In such vital governmental projects, Adaptive Recognition’s Combo Smart and PRMc models are used all over the world. These passport readers are capable of reading both printed and digital (chip) data and they are great for document validation – according to the latest standards and most up-to-date security features.

Should you have any questions or inquiries related to the present announcement, do not hesitate to contact us.