Carmen® License update policy

Adaptive Recognition’s License Update Policy for the CARMEN® ANPR software provides flexibility for our partners – it is cost effective and helps our partners utilize cutting-edge technology with access to the latest updates. This document describes the ANPR/ALPR software License Update Policy.

Engine specific license

A key requirement of the effective policy is that, when ordering CARMEN®, the location of installation must be specified. This is indicated by the fact that different engines are released by different LP types. The LP types correlate mostly with geographic locations, such as countries, or continents.


Licenses are assigned to specific hardware keys. The type of the NNC is identified by its serial number located on the side of the product.

Description of the license update process

Updates are available free of charge within the first 12 months of purchase. After 12 months, updates are available for an extra charge. An example: a CARMEN® license purchased on 1st January 2016 will receive all new versions of the engine up until 1st January 2017. After 1st January 2017 the license will not be eligible for free updates. To continue receiving engine updates, partners will need to purchase a license update which will provide access to the latest versions of the engine for another 12 months. Basically, a CARMEN® license never expires, it will always remain functional. However, in order to access to the latest engine versions, partners will need to purchase an update license every 12 months.

Requirement for remote CARMEN® updates

An active CARMEN® license.

Multiple licenses

Partners have the option to upgrade: a single core license may be upgraded to a dual or quad core license by means of a new license update file. In other words, there is no need to return the hardware keys for replacement.

Internet connection

Once downloaded, the license file(s) can be copied onto any data storage device. No internet connection is necessary at the site to update the device. Read more and see the FAQ for the CARMEN® Licensing and Update Policy here.

Carmen® Licensing and update policy – explained


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