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January 18, 2019

Automated Border Control Gates for Hungary’s Major Airports

We are proud to announce that Adaptive Recognition’s prime technology – joining forces with field-tested solutions developed by secunet – is put to good use at Ferenc Liszt International Airport and Debrecen International Airport.

Hungary’s busiest airports welcome the installation of Automated Border Control gates (ABC gates or e-gates). The solution by Adaptive Recognition is to manage the steady increase of travelers. The multi-factor personal identification operating in the e-gates involves biometric authentication of passengers during border control at both arrival and departure.

In fact, e-passport reading and verification, combined with the biometric authentication and identification of passengers, goes beyond the context of homeland security. For many passengers arriving from outside the Schengen area, Hungary is the gateway to Europe. In this sense, Budapest is responsible for the safety and security of half a billion EU citizens.

Adaptive Recognition supports air terminals like Budapest Airport to optimize the reliable identification and flow of travelers. We establish trusted biometric identity verification and authentication processes with direct support from the Home Affairs Fund of the European Union.

The Cooperation Between Adaptive Recognition and Secunet

  • Adaptive Recognition is the prime contractor for the delivery and installation of the ABC solution. Our contribution to the project is the Combo Smart Kiosk document reader. This product performs the optical reading of printed information in the travel document and the digital reading of the smart chip in e-passports. It also verifies the authenticity of the travel document;
  • Secunet as subcontractor provides 14 secunet easygates – incorporating ABC hardware and software to complete an efficient, secure, future-proof e-gate system.

About the E-gates

The e-gate system meets requirements for maximum security by incorporating the latest technology to protect against fraud. At the same time, it assures convenient passenger processes through intelligent sensors and user guidance. Features include:

  • Tailgating prevention via cameras and sensors
  • Checking the identity of a passport holder by comparing a live face camera image with the facial image stored on-chip
  • Cross-checking of blacklists of national and international databases
  • Checking eGate status, e.g., left object detection
  • Liveness and spoofing detection, also known as Presentation Attack Detection (PAD), to prevent fraud by using printed photographs or masks.

The ABC gates are compatible with effective EU regulations and are already compliant with the requirements of the new EU Entry/Exit system that will be implemented in 2021.

More than 250 easy gates are currently operating at major international airports, e.g. in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Iceland.

The System in Action

To see how the new system works at the Budapest Airport, read our detailed case study.