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We are a leading provider of License Plate Recognition (LPR) software and related advanced camera solutions.

With our CARMEN® recognition software, a system is able to read a wide variety of license plates from all states and countries with the highest rate of accuracy and speed.

CARMEN® can also be used to read:
- the ISO Container Code, BIC Code or Sea Container Code (ISO 6364)
- the USDOT Number (or US DOT Number)
- the ADR Hazard Identification Number (or HIN, Kemler Code)
- the UIC Railway Code

Many other applications are available as well.
Our document reader products are designed to meet the latest demands of personal document reading, identification and authentication.

These ID document scanners give you the solution of:
- capturing passport and ID pages using serveal different illuminations,
- extracting customer and passenger data quickly, accurately and efficiently from travel documents and IDs,
- displaying, authenticating and verifying these documents against alteration, counterfeit, forgery or misuse.

While our scanners implement the latest and most sophisticated technologies, their integration into a system has never been simpler and easier.
Meeting all biometric standards, such as the
FBI´s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) Appendix F, our AFS 510 live fingerprint scanner is a professional fingerprint aquisition device for biometric identity management systems.

AFS 510 is designed to achieve fast, reliable and consistent forensic-quality image capturing with fail-safe operation.

The applied advanced optical scanning technology and the robust mechanical design makes AFS 510 a reliable and efficient solution for many different biometric applications:
- immigration and border control
- criminal and justice
- general civil biometric identification, etc.
As an essentially innovation-driven company, the success of Adaptive Recognition lies in a strong focus on continuous research and development to create new technologies and in the ability to apply these technologies to meet continuously changing customer needs.

When you work with us, you gain over two decades of expertise and hands-on experience of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and imaging technologies. Our knowledge is manifested in three main product lines:
  • Vehicle recognition and identification tecnhologies for vehicle traffic, including ALPR/ANPR (automatic number plate recognition or license plate recognition) software, ACCR (automatic ISO container code recognition) software, automatic USDOT number recognition software, automatic railway UIC code recognition software, ADR/HIN (Kemler) code recognition software and dedicated recognition cameras optimized for 7/24, highest accuracy recognition.
  • Travel document (passports, e-passports, visas) and ID document (ID cards, driver licenses, personal cards and badges) scanning, recognition and verification.
  • Biometrics, including a FBI certified fingerprint live scanner and facial recognition software.