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Authenticate IDs like a pro and streamline customer registration… using Osmond.

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There’s no need for manual typing anymore – nor for being a forgery expert. This new passport reader is built just for that, to help your business. It’s the best ID verification device we have ever created.

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Osmond ID scanner

Who we are

Adaptive Recognition was amongst the first innovators back in the 1990s who created technology for automatically reading and verifying identity documents. Since then, such technology has been used, not only by border control operations, but basically in any business that registers and verifies customers on a daily basis. Amongst our customers, you can find distinguished and reputable hotels, banks, casinos, and governments, just to mention a few.

Osmond, our latest innovation, is also a celebration of our exciting, 30-year evolution – an important landmark for the entire industry and a big step into the future that includes numerous innovations: quite simply, the very BEST product we have ever made.

Typing? Never again and no more errors.

What does automatic data capture mean in practice? Just imagine that you do not need to type in guest/customer data; there’s a device that does that for you automatically.

fake ID check

Can you spot a fake ID?

Don’t let counterfeit documents harm your business. Instead, rely on a professional tool that automatically scans and detects security features, verifying if the document is genuine, fake, or copied.

Any business or organization that processes IDs can benefit from Osmond.

It saves time, enhances customer experience, and reduces any potential losses caused by accepting fake IDs. Enjoy a modern workflow that is secure and automated. No more typing. No more unauthorized transactions. No more personal data stored on photocopies.

Its verification capabilities include thousands of identity documents:

passport reading coverage

International travel documents

Passports, visas (even boarding passes)

National identification documents

Identity cards, drivers licenses, etc.

Special identification documents

Residence permits, address cards, etc.

Download the brochure

Get a summary of Osmond in PDF format and save it for your future use.

Osmond is more than a device. It’s an ID verification solution…

→ FOR INTEGRATORS and solution providers who build systems and wish to integrate this technology, the easy-to-use API and Software Development Kit (supporting C/C++, C#, .NET, Java, etc.) make it convenient.

→ FOR BUSINESSES (end-users) who need an off-the-shelf product for reading and authenticating IDs, Osmond is the answer. It includes Authentication Checker, our end-user software solution that does not need programming.

Don't waste more time checking IDs manually. Let Osmond do it for you.

By purchasing Osmond, you get:

Osmond passport reader

Professional equipment for scanning IDs like passports, national identity cards, driver’s licenses, etc.

Software for reading and verifying thousands of ID types (optional)

Application with GUI to test all functions

ID verification application called Authentication Checker – software that lets you analyze IDs and detect forgeries automatically

Software Development Kit for integration purposes

All included software, API and apps support Windows and Linux operating systems.


This ID scanner is as powerful as its name. Meaning ‘god’ and ‘protector’ in North-European mythology, Osmond acts as a protector over your business. It protects you, your clients and society from bad actors.

Osmond passport reader & ID scanner