Vidar Axle Camera
for Vehicle Axle Counting

Image-based axle counting with a single, intelligent camera


Vidar Axle Count is a compact yet robust camera of the Vidar industrial camera family designed for axle identification and counting in road tolling, ferry access control, logistics, and other operations. The camera provides side-scan type reconstructed images with metadata containing axle count and vehicle category, which can be further processed by any kind of traffic-related business intelligence.

The camera handles challenging conditions such as darkness and inclement weather with ease. Detection of vehicles is highly accurate with Vidar Axle Count thanks to the industry-first built-in laser trigger technology complemented by an image-based vehicle detection algorithm. You can optionally connect the camera to external triggers.

Highlighted Features


Standalone Operation

No external equipment is needed as built-in triggers take care of the triggering.

Dualoptics 2

Dual Optics

One for side scan and one for overview images.


Extra Close-Up Installation Possible

Even from 2.5-3m (8.2 ft-9.8 ft).



Sturdy design resisting physical impact and weather.

Data Storage

Local Data Storage

For standalone operation, even when the connection is not available.

Application Areas

The number of axles is a reliable basis for vehicle classification, essential for calculating the appropriate toll for road usage and in various other applications, such as:


Tolling Systems


Automated Tunnel Security Systems


Airport and Harbor Logistics


Product main feature 1 Single, smart device for image-based axle counting
Product main feature 2 Sidescan image + metadata
Resolution Sensor 1 & 2: 1440x1080
Max FPS Sensor 1 & 2: 120 FPS (on selected sensor and resolution)
Sensor Sensor 1: color + Allpass filter, global shutter, Sensor 2: black & white + IR Bypass filter, global shutter
Day/night switch Automatic brightness control with predefined traffic environments or manual
Lens Motorized zoom and focus, remotely adjustable
Lens mount Custom mount
Angle of View Optics 1 & 2: 79° x 63°
Optical zoom Optics 1 & 2: 3x
Focal length Optics 1 & 2: Variable 3–9 mm
Axle counting range 1.5 – 8 m (4.92–26.25 ft)
Vehicle speed range (at optimal conditions) 0 km/h - 300+ km/h / 0 mph - 190+ mph
Carmen® ANPR No
GDS compliance Yes
Axle counting data Number and position of wheels (lifted and retracted axles incl.)
Vehicle categorization Yes
Wavelength White LED + 850 nm infrared
Illumination modes Synchronized or continuous
Illumination beam-angle 22°
Variable intensity Adjustable in 100 increments, parity flash (different intensity for odd and even frames)
I/O port 12-pin (External Illuminator, UART, GPIO, USB, RS232)
Built-in Laser Trigger 8 mRad point laser
Laser wavelength & safety class 905 nm CLASS 1 (60825-1 2014)
Power requirement 24-28 V AC, 2A
Typical power consumption 18 W
Internal operating temperature -45°C – +70°C (-49°F – +158°F)
IP&IK rating IP67, IK10
Dimensions 250 mm x 251 mm x 145 mm (9.84” × 9.88” × 5.7”)
Weight 4.5 kg (9.92 lbs)
In the box Camera, bracket, shield
Accessories M12 power cable, Ethernet cable, Junction Box, External IR-light, External GPS, I/O cable
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